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Game Dev with Timlah: Isolate

Friday night saw us go through the Gamely Giving stream – Which has now come to an end. Thanks to everyone who came to watch and a big thanks to everyone who donated. Want to see what happened and what’s in store for my first game? Read on!


I’m sometimes far too ambitious and that proved to be true for this game dev session – At just an hour and a half, I was never going to make a full game; especially since the scale of the game ramped up so much that it wasn’t a simple game any more. No, instead it has turned into quite a big game, with many features and lots of hidden bosses and extras going to be thrown in along the way. So what did I end up doing for the hour and a half session? I set up the very beginning of the game… And I sorted out the database a little bit. Plus I got more feedback from people.

So it’s nowhere near how far I wanted to be, but hey – ultimately the Twitch session itself was successful. At the 11pm-4am shift that I had, it wasn’t particularly active, but throughout the whole of the GamelyGiving stream, we managed to get a good number of viewers and many people sustained their views nicely!

All of the above was played... And Riddle School? I completed it in 8 minutes!!!

All of the above was played… And Riddle School? I completed it in 8 minutes!!!

Thanks to everyone who took part – And don’t worry… That stream is not the end for Isolate. It’s going to be made. It’s coming to GeekOut in the foreseeable future. However, if you are as proud as us for what we’ve done, please consider donating to the charity via our JustGiving page. When I’ve got something to show for Isolate, I’ll update the site further. But in the mean time – It’s in the works! For today’s post, I’m not looking for many comments – though drop me one if you want. Instead, I’d like for you to share the JustGiving page to Facebook and/or Twitter.


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