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Ash Vs Evil Dead – TV Series Review

This review contains no spoilers, so read on..!

I am a long term fan of Bruce Cambell, Sam Raimi and almost everything they ever do either apart or together. Remember the first newly made Spiderman with Toby Maguire and how good that was? That was directed by Sam Raimi, remember the ring announcer in the film? That was Bruce Cambell.


Bruce and Sam have been doing things together for quite some time and as their début outing on the big screen gave us the amazing film The Evil Dead. If you had not also guessed I am not only a fanatic of Bruce Cambell but also horror. Although some people may tell you that The Evil Dead was not purely horror but more of a comedy horror but let’s not get into Genre wars here. If you have not seen the original trilogy The Evil Dead, The Evil Dead II which some say is actually a remake of the first and Army of Darkness then I suggest you do so before you indulge in the ten episode series that was released late 2015. There are references to the original film in the new series and it will give you a bit of background as to how Ash became the man he is today. The series itself is released on Starz in the US and will probably never make it onto UK TV so you’re best off watching it on a streaming service. From the minute I saw the comic con trailer I wanted to see this, maybe you will have the same reaction.

WARNING: Not PG – Features guns and zombies and that book!

The series finds Ash living in an airstream in a trailer park several years after defeating the Deadites. He is once again stuck in a dead end job and embraced his new purpose of being a womanising, alcohol and drug dependant, overly confident man with a wooden hand. I don’t want to spoil the series at all and from the title of the series you can already guess that the Deadites make a return in spectacular form. Of course our hapless hero has something to do with this and when they reveal just how it causes me to have the physical reaction of face palming and shouting “Why Ash, Why?” repeatedly at the screen. This alone made me invested in the series, everything about it screams that it was made for the fans and for fun, you can feel Sam and Bruce having a laugh with it all.

By the end of the first episode Ash has replaced Woody (his wooden hand) back with the trusty chainsaw hand and boom-stick (a sawn off shotgun) both of which played a key part in the second film. It’s not for the feint hearted; especially if you don’t like blood, there is gallons of it throughout the ten episodes and to a horror fanatic like me that makes it all the more delicious. It keeps up the humour and style that was injected into the second and third film with a bit of slapstick comedy and some serious use of old school prosthetics. The genius in the original films was because it was all done without the aid of computers. The time and effort gone into the new series matches the original vision in my opinion. Maybe because I grew up with that kind of horror I appreciate the use of old school special effects rather then computer generated stuff.


Evil Dead Book

It’s baaa-aaaack!

Maybe it’s because I am a massive fan that Bruce and Sam can do no wrong or maybe they are just that good at what they do. I like to believe it’s the latter and anyone who wishes to disagree with me is going to find that you cannot change my view. It has been 15 years since the last official film and for me the series is a welcome return to the madness. All I hope now is that they don’t flog it to death (or is that undeath?). For you comic geeks out there you may be pleased to hear that Dark Horse did a Army Of Darkness comic series and is out there and available on digital platforms. If you want to consume more of hapless Ash and his musings then I would advise you check them out. All I can say about this new TV series is simply put in one word.. Groovy.

Have you seen the Evil Dead series? What did you think of it? Was there too much blood? Why not drop us a comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Let us know what you thought of Ash vs Evil Dead!


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  1. I loved the series, and on the gore, it’s not the Hostel type gore but the 80s horror film over the top bloodbaths so that was better for me hahaha

    One thing I’m sad about is that they can’t mention anything about Army of Darkness on the series, even though they’ve said it definitely took place and is part of the canon. It’s why they changed the name of the store Ash works in, it’s no longer S-Mart.

    As for the comics, did you read the run it had on Dynamite Entertainment? It was AMAZING. They did it for years actually, and had Ash go through so much crap. They’re the ones that did the surprisingly awesome Freddy vs Jason vs Ash!

    Awesome review and I agree with it!

    Liked by 1 person

    February 24, 2016 at 11:08 am

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