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Quick Updates for GeekOut Bristol Meet on 13th February

Next Saturday, we will be getting into February’s iteration of the GeekOut Bristol Meet. For this month, because we’re focusing on raising money for charity, as well as holding yet another amazingly loaded event for all, we will be holding our competition… And we’ve got some incredible prizes. Read on to find out more about the competition!

To make this a successful Cosplay Competition, there needs to be some basic rules. It won’t be a standard convention masquerade, but instead there will be a full judging process by two judges; one will be a very regular GeekOut attendee (the lovely Jake Hardy) and the other a guest judge who we will determine on the day!



We caught em all


Costumes can be mostly anything you want, but we do not have provision to repair any damaged outfits. Same goes with props; although I will bring some Gorilla Tape with me so if something snaps you can sort of hold it together! Feel free to bring basic sewing equipment and glue, should you feel the need to!

Basic Rules

–         £2 entry if you are cosplaying. The money goes to our charity of choice, Special Effect as part of Gamely Giving’s entry to GameBlast 2016.

–          If it doesn’t fit through the door of the pub, it will not be safe to bring in. Please seriously consider the size (and practicality) of your costume!

–          Don’t leave your costume pieces around the pub. Make sure they’re on you when you’re in there. There’s no special place to get changed, although there are loos available to get changed in (Sorry, it’s a pub!)


No realistic weapon props. Please remember this is being held in a pub in Bristol. They’ve been gracious hosts to us, so let’s be careful about this. It may upset our hosts, along with their regular patrons… Or indeed the authorities! Do not bring anything realistic looking. If you do bring a weapon prop, please make sure you talk to Timlah first!

No swinging props. For the love of all things Geek, please do not swing your props around the place! It’s dangerous and irresponsible. Feel free to allow people to check your props out, but they too should be reminded to not swing them around. If you go outside and swing your prop around, please be mindful of others!

         If you want to swing your prop for when your costume is judged, please let the judges know beforehand when you submit your costume.

Prop Restrictions. As with all cosplay events, we do need to be careful: If you can’t fit your prop in the door, it’s not allowed in the competition. We can’t allow it to be too heavy either. Please be responsible and exercise your better judgement if bringing a prop!


We’ve got a judge already in place, but we’ll recruit one more judge on the day. All people who enter will have the chance to win one of the following:

Third Place: Bronze medal (with ribbon and presentation case!) 3 Steam Codes!

Second Place: Silver medal (with ribbon and presentation case!) 4 Steam Codes!

First Place: Gold medal (with ribbon and presentation case!), Cosplay costume made for you by GeekOut friends Boni d’Age Costumes*. 5 Steam Codes!

Anyone who even takes part in this competition will get a drink – FOR FREE – from the bar! Your £2 entry fee is going to the charity, but the tavern agreed to give out free drinks tokens to people in costume who are entering our competition. If you come in costume, you’ve got nothing to lose!

* The costume will be fabrics only, so no armours or props.

Poster small

We’ll also be selling our posters as per usual, however any money from people buying posters will be added to the charity fund.

So if you’re around Bristol on February 13th, why not come along to the GeekOut Bristol Meet? More information will follow on our Facebook, Twitter and Meetup pages over the coming week as we look forward to GeekOut together!


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