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GeekOut Meetup – February 13th & Gamely Giving

Charity is something that we all aspire to do more for, but the next GeekOut Meetup involves us getting really involved in being charitable. Read on to find out more about the charity and our events.

logo-specialeffectOn February 13th, the South-West of England will be able to meet up once more in Bristol’s Old Market Tavern for a night of fun and games. Board games, video games, cosplay, comics and literature – It’ll be there. But this month, I figured I’d like to be able to raise some funds for a future event called Gamely Giving, which is part of the GameBlast ’16 event. But what exactly are we doing and what are we doing this for?

In our next event, we will be hosting our first ever Cosplay Competition. There’s no theme in the competition; so long as you’re going to be socially acceptable (I.E no running around naked, or with real weapons of course!) There are a few basic rules which will need to be adhered to and information for that will be put up on the Meetup and Facebook event pages as soon as I have finished the document for it. After all, this is taking place in a pub, so we do need to be a little bit careful.


The cosplay competition is in honour of Special Effect, an amazing charity who provide and modify technology for those who are disabled. People who cannot otherwise have access to the latest games, or even valuable communication tools. With technologies like StarGaze now out there, Special Effect are the UKs very own gamers charity. We really love the core message of what they do, so during the competition and throughout the night, I will be collecting donations for Special Effect. Now, as for the competition, there has to be prizes, right? RIGHT! So what are this months prizes, I hear you ask?

  • Third Prize – A bronze medal and some random Steam keys.
  • Second Prize – A silver medal, some random Steam keys and £10 to spend at the bar.
  • First Prize – A gold medal, some random Steam keys, £10 to spend at the bar and a bespoke cosplay outfit* by the amazing Boni d’Age Costumes
    • **Please note, these prizes are not yet final. There may be more to come!


We’ll have some wristbands for the charity, so if you’re at this event and you’ve not received one from our December meetup, just drop us a donation for the charity and you’ll receive a nice orange wristband supporting what they do. Also, there are flyers for more information. But finally, what’s Gamely Giving got to do with all of this? So far, I’ve spoken about a cosplay competition we’re doing for a charity, but nothing about Gamely Giving.

The Steam keys have been provided by the Gamely Giving crew; There’s a bunch of keys that they had left over for their competitions, thus I was able to get a few to hand out as prizes during the event. I am signed up to be taking part in Gamely Giving, so please do come and check out the event on February 26th, all the way ’til Sunday 28th. I have my own set to do during Gamely Giving, which is between 11pm til 4am, starting on Friday 26th. This will be fun – but I will be covering all that is to do with hobbyist development and games that are on the internet – So it’s a bit of a chill out zone, along with some Game Dev with Timlah.

Gamely Giving 2016 Schedule

What do you think of all of our crazy plans for the February event? Do you like what we’re doing with the competition? Are you going to be around Bristol to come and join in, or would you like to see a live stream of the competition itself? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter as per usual. Thanks for reading and have a great start to the weekend whenever you start yours!

*Soft-kit only, I.E anything sewn together with fabrics; no armours/props


3 responses

  1. I hope the Telford MCM expo doesn’t steal all your cosplayers! That’s where I’ll be on the 13th… I do hope to someday make one of your meetups though.


    February 1, 2016 at 10:49 pm

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