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GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 22 and 23

Hello one and all, in this article I talk about the latest two episodes of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep, Episodes 22 and 23, where we’re making amazing progress. No GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil this week, as I’ve been feeling poorly. Sorry about that! So, onwards with this weeks Stonekeep episodes!

Stonekeep Plays 22


Episode 22 – Shaken Sharga

In this rather well developed episode of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep:

  • I find out why the Sharga are so angry all the time.
  • I do a sort of weird dance with a Sharga.
  • Then I go on a bit of a killing spree.
  • Sharga friends?!
  • Sharga are scared of $#@|<*&? Huh…

Episode 23 – Tiny Mad!

In the last episode for this week:

  • I find out more about my friendly Sharga chums
  • I go on an adventure around the floor
  • Impatiently, I decide this floor was done for
  • I have a disturbing flashback thanks to a boulder
  • The Rock makes an appearance.
  • I decide to make Tiny mad.


That’s all for this week, thanks for joining me once again ladies and gentlemen. Please remember to Like, comment and subscribe to the GeekOut channel on YouTube and as always, let me know what you thought in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for viewing everyone, this has been Timlah signing out!


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