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GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil – Episodes 3 & 4

For the second week, we’ve taken to Beyond Good & Evil and have been making some progress. Whilst this might be one of the glitchiest play throughs you’ve ever seen in a game, I find the experience rather hilarious. Join me as we look at episodes 3 and 4 of our latest GeekOut Plays series.

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Episode 3 – Carcharodon Conundrum

In the third episode of GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil:

  • Mamago Garage is complete for now…
  • But the glitches were horrible!
  • We fight another one of those big bad DomZ
    • We’re more effective than the Alpha Sections most elite guard.
  • I managed to go to the wrong place…
  • … And I meet more people who I probably should know about.
  • Also I can’t pronounce Carcharodon.

Episode 4 – I WIN!

In this exciting episode of GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil:

  • I win.
  • No seriously, that happens within 3 minutes of the episode.
  • I then earn money and pearls.
  • Then I go for a wander around the place.
  • I go back to my hovercraft…
  • … And then I finally begin the game properly!

That’s it for this week, please remember to stick around and let me know if you like this series or not. It’s incredibly glitchy and seems to be glitchier than I can ever remember as of late, but that’s okay. It makes for a very unique experience, right? As always, let me know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Also don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to the GeekOut YouTube Channel. Thanks for sticking it out everyone, this has been Timlah signing out!


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