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GeekOut Introduces… Chris Lock & Subreddit Details

GeekOut has been expanding rapidly over a short space of time. We’re making friends with loads of people, we had a guest on our last Top 10 and we’ve had so many guest entries from one of our contributors, that we’ve made him a regular here on GeekOut. Read on to find out more!


New Addition To The Team


One thing we love to do here on GeekOut is meet people who share our vision of a geekier world. But we need to begin by starting closer to home. Whilst originally this venture was mine and mine alone, I was lucky to be joined by the exceptionally talented Joel on my quest. His input has been invaluable throughout making GeekOut what it is today and in helping me piece together what our future is. However, between the two of us, this equates to a second full time job and we’d have it no other way. So then, how can we keep working on everything we do, whilst doing more projects? Where do we get our time from?

Truth be told: We don’t. We just push on as much as we can. Fortunately, we’re not alone in our vision to make GeekOut expand. We’ve now been joined on a more permanent basis by our contributor, Chris. No long will we refer to him as a contributor, but instead as a full member of our team. He’ll mostly be taking Wednesday slots whenever he can, so here’s hoping we get a nice new addition to our usual scheduled articles. Soon enough, we’ll be updating our Meet The Team page to include a bit more information on Chris!

Reaching New Places


Whilst we’re on the subject of branching out and looking further afield, we’re now happy to announce that we’ve set up a new subreddit. We’re really excited to be on this new venture, so we thought we’d share it with all of you. If you’re an experienced Redditor or just want a forum, please do visit our new GeekOut UK subreddit. You might have noticed we’ve not called it GeekOut South-West or GeekOut SW, but we’re opting for a UK name. In the future, we hope to be changing several of our things to GeekOut UK. We’re even going to expand the GeekOut name to the West-Midlands courtesy of Joel who wants to start running regular GeekOut events.

We’re honestly so amazed and thrilled at how well all of this is coming together. Wait for my article at the end of the month however, as a lot of missing ties to this whole expansion will be explained. There’s something that has been ominously missing for quite some time; something that doesn’t quite scream expansion. It’ll all make sense on Sunday 31st.


Gamely Giving 2016 Schedule

Whilst we’re on the topic of GeekOut activities, please do remember that I will be taking part in a charity stream at the ungodly hours of 11pm until 4am! This is taking place on February 26th over on Gamely Giving. The charity, Special Effect, are immensely talented doing what honestly must be a god-send to the people they reach out to. I’m so excited to be doing our bit for the 48 hour charity stream, that I’ve been working on assets for the game I’ll be working on when over there quietly but surely. It’s going well, so please do remember to check out our Facebook page, where I announce when I’m doing a “Timlah Devs” stream over on Hitbox. Many thanks to Jason from VidyaVidya for introducing me to that platform: it rocks!

That’s all for now, remember to comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Please welcome in Chris, whose next article is scheduled for this Wednesday! Have a great Monday everyone and remember: Geek proud, GeekOut!


3 responses

  1. Yawp– I was born in the wrong country. Oh well. Mad grats to your new contributor, though.


    January 18, 2016 at 12:45 pm

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