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New YouTube Series – GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil

In an article a little while back, I mentioned I was starting up more series on YouTube this year. This is true and we’re starting the year off on the right foot by starting our third Let’s Play series, Beyond Good & Evil. Read on to see the first episodes of this Ubisoft classic.

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If you’ve not seen them yet, please do watch our first two episodes of this classic action-adventure game. The story features Jade, a reporter for Jade Reporting & Co. On the world of Hillys, the DomZ monsters are attacking. The Alpha Sections are there to protect the citizens of Hillys, however things aren’t always what they appear to be. As such, Jade Reporting & Co acts not just as a way for Jade to make some credits to keep her orphanage safe, but also as a way to get the latest news out to everyone. Taking on covert, dangerous missions, Jade sets out to uncover the truth behind the DomZ and the Alpha Sections.

This is a storytelling triumph, however the game was incredibly buggy. It just so happens, I manage to find bugs even easier when using WINE, so therefore this is going to be our glitchiest Let’s Play so far. I mean we’ve not really encountered many/any glitches on other games thus far, so it had to happen – right?

Episode 1 – Stay Hidden Kids!

In the inaugural episode of GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil:

  • The Alpha Section tell us everything is going to be A-OKAY!
  • But things aren’t that A-OKAY!
  • We hear some really bad looping audio glitches…
  • And we tell the kids to stay hidden.
  • We find a camera.
  • We also realise that pig is supposed to be our “Uncle”?!
  • Loyal Hillyians

Episode 2 – Two-Legged Otter?!

In the second episode of the week for GeekOut Plays Beyond Good & Evil:

  • More Loyal Hillyians
  • We go around taking pictures of children (Err…)
  • We take pictures of Dog (Who is not a bounty hunter, honestly…)
  • We find a Two-Legged Otter who bugs me for a while.
  • I manage to get Jade to throw a disc… into oblivion?
  • Pey’j gets really stuck.

Thanks for joining us for these episodes folks. Let me know what you thought in the comments below or over on Facebook and Twitter. Please don’t forget to Like, Comment and Subscribe to our YouTube channel in the process and we’ll catch you for more of these episodes next week! This has been Timlah, signing out.

P.S: I will make a better icon for this series, honestly!


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