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GeekOut Bristol Meet – January 8th Gallery

GeekOut Bristol has come and gone once again, with more geeks than you can shake a stick at coming to enjoy the event. But now that we’re all done, it’s time to look back at what went well and information for the next meetup. As always, thanks to everyone who came along!

Let me start by talking very briefly about our history as a social group. I’ve often recited this tale of how GeekOut begun, how I said to some people “Let’s make this a thing!” When the first meetup happened, it was literally me and one close friend/colleague who sat in a pub together. No one showed up, but that was expected. We decided we would have a jolly good laugh regardless and we started talking to the other people in the pub – Of which we met some more geeks. Those guys liked what we did – and so I kept it going. It went to about 5 people. Then 10 people.

Then last Friday, it went to close to 40 people in the pub. The venue clearly were happy with us all being there, as I’m already in discussions with them about next months event, in which they have offered to assist (many thanks to the wonderful team at the Old Market Tavern). As such, our next event is going to take place the day before Valentines’ day: February 13th. In the mean time, here are some pictures from last Fridays meetup.

I think our surprise hit of the night might have been Sushi Go! It’s a sweet little game that tingled everybodies taste buds nicely. This will keep returning to our GeekOut Meetups from here on in. Thanks to everyone who took part in our competition this month, the winner will be receiving a code for approximately 15 games, courtesy of Humble Bundle.

Next month, we’ll be doing a charity cosplay competition. I’ve never organised anything quite to the same scale as this, but I’m extremely excited. I’m hoping to be working with the Old Market Tavern to get this one to be an exceptional blast. Hopefully we’ll get photographers for the event and more too. If you were there this month, let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for joining us everyone!


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