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Koro-Sensei – My CosPlan

What does an Octopus, Mach 20 and teaching have in common? Of course, Koro-Sensei, the sole premise of Assassination Classroom. Wait, not Koro-Sensei… Koro-Timlah?! Read on to find out what I will be attempting for February‘s GeekOut Meetup.

In February, we’re going to run a cosplay competition deep in the heart of Bristol. Once I’ve gotten a place secured, I will put it up on our usual sites (Here, Meetup, Facebook, Twitter, etc!) It’s fun enough to imagine that we’re going to have many cosplayers in the same place for a GeekOut Meetup, all battling for first prize. What is this prize? We’ve managed to get an exclusive offer from our friends, Boni d’Age Costumes. The winner receives a costume specially made for them by the wonderful team of Boni d’Age. Their works are amazing, so if they read this article, thanks again guys!

Now, since today is a GeekOut Meetup day, I thought I’d talk about cosplay a little bit and my plans to become the Teacher Who Cannot Be Killed, or Koro-Sensei as we know him. You might be surprised to know that I think this will be a relatively easy costume. I’ve had lots of ideas on how to make this one, so I hope it works and if you think I should do something different or better, let me know in the comments below.


I want this costume to last for quite some time, so I’m going to make it mostly out of foam. The good thing with foam is that once it’s made generally it stays good. However, to get the dome shape, I’m going to do the old trick of blowing up a balloon and covering it in papier mache. This trick that every child in England must have learned at some point is so well documented, so well used, that I think I’d be foolish not to do this. Once I’ve gotten the general roundness sorted, I will cover it in craft foam. Cut some holes out for eyes and like I did with Oskar, I will coat the inside with swimwear fabric. It’s hard to see out of it, but it makes sense. Also, I’ll make it so I can see out of the mouth too by having white swimwear fabric in place of black fabric. Then just add stripes and whallah – Head complete. I predict this’ll take me about a day to complete in total… But that is a day dedicated to making this.

Now what would an octopus be without tentacles? An OctoNOPE of course (I’m so funny)! However, we’re going to make our tentacles again out of foam… But they can’t just be rolls of foam and done. Instead, I’m going to use wire to make the general shape and let them be loose. Because there is one main tentacle on each arm, I will also put some straps on the underside of them, where my arms will be. Simple enough, again this’ll likely be another dedicated day. But along with this, to make the feet of Koro-Sensei, I just need to make them sit on the outside of the costume so my feet can walk freely in the middle of them. So long as I make it a tiny bit shorter than my actual feet length, this shouldn’t be a problem. I’m going to likely use either expanding foam, or styrofoam balls to make the shape, then cover in craft foam. This too will likely take a whole dedicated day.


Now that’s all done, all that’s left is the clothing. The hat is super easy: Felt. Done in an hour. Let’s move on!

Now, the main thing is the teachers gown. He wears a white shirt, but I’ve already got a white shirt, so that’s sorted. He wears a very special tie, which I will make out of silk and trace on the pattern he has. This should take no longer than an hour again. Finally, the gown itself: This will take time. I mean a few days, unless I get comfortable enough with my sewing machine through this costume. The material will be a simple black linen. It needs to be quite light, so I’ve already chosen the fabric. I will also need to sew on the three blue patches on the sleeves. Also, there’s the case of the red coat that’s on the inside. I have some red fabric and I’m thinking of sewing that directly onto the gown. Finally, as detailing, I will need to make the detailing around the top of the gown, like you can see above. In all, I predict the gown will take about three, perhaps four days to complete.

So that’s my plan: What do you think? Is there anything I’m overcomplicating? Should I attempt rigging the tentacles, or should I leave them to just be wobbly? Let me know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Stay tuned for pictures of the new costume being made over the coming weeks.


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