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The Top 5 Games I Reviewed in 2015

Check out Otaku Judges Top 5 Games he reviewed in 2015! Here’s to a great year for gaming in 2016 :)

The Otaku Judge


Happy New Year everyone! The unwrapping of a new calendar means that I must once again deliberate on what titles shall earn a spot in my annual top fives. Starting things off are the best video games I covered in 2015. It was the year when I finally embraced the next gen by purchasing a PS4, partially because enough good games came out for the console and partially because the PS3 was on its last legs in terms of new releases. Looking back at my other top fives, I think the 2015 list has been the toughest one to compile due to the sheer number of exceptional titles I got to play. Let’s kick off the show with some fun games that narrowly missed the cut.

Honourable mentions: Atelier Shallie, Criminal Girls, Disgaea 5, HuniePop, Hyperdevotion Noire, Lost Dimension and Nekopara.

5th) Valiant Hearts:Commemorating the Great War, which took…

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