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Timlahs’ Cosplay Projects of 2016

Cosplay is still a major passion of mine, something that I go through a roller-coaster of emotions for. In the New Year, I intend to be doing a few new costumes and picking up the slack on ones I’ve sort of left by the side. These are my costume plans for the New Year, along with what characters you should expect me to be working on.

Next year, I’ve got three major conventions planned along with a few smaller ones which I’m sure I’ll wind up going to. Those who know about me and my cosplay antics will be well aware of my tendency to go all out, attending these events in full costume for all of the days I’m at them. I also like attending the GeekOut meetups in full costume, although it can be pretty tricky from time to time. Nevertheless, I will endeavour to make as many new costumes as possible for the new year, so it’s time to look at what I’ll be making.

Koro-Sensei – January 8th & Kitacon.


Ahahaha… Yeah. I’m serious. I’m going to be trying to make this costume before January 8th. Now don’t get me wrong, the tentacles won’t be fully functional tentacles (rather just something I strap to the backs of my hands, so I can wiggle them about). Koro-Sensei, or Teacher Who Cannot Die, is the main… Protag—Antag–… Subject of Assassination Classroom.

This will require shaped soft foam, upholstery foam, which I will then coat in a more solid foam (suitable for painting, such as craft foam), before sealing with liquid latex and finally spraying it yellow. It’s a simple trick, which I already have all of the materials for (Except the yellow spray paint). I also need to make a teachers gown (some soft fabric. Linen, perhaps) and teachers hat (made from felt – This I don’t have yet). The head I will make out of card and shaped over a round bowl of kinds. So long as I get the shape right, I can then cover it in foam and make it look alike the rest of the outfit. There’ll be holes for eyes with netting inside to stop people seeing in and a large hole for the mouth which again will be netting.

This one is a lot of work in a short space of time, but it’s one I am confident I can pull off. There are no props or anything required, just tentacles and the outfit itself. It’s an easily impressive one to look at from the outside, so should make for a lot of pictures if I can pull it off. January 8th is the first planned outing, starting the New Year off with a bang for both the GeekOut meetups and my cosplay adventures.

Mega Man – Kitacon


Think I forgot about the Blue Bomber? Well then think again! This is a costume I intend to get done for Kitacon and I hope I can get it done this time. The issue last time came about because of the helmet. I was following a tutorial, but I kept messing up my pattern for the helmet, as I was rushing to make it as quickly and cheaply as possible. Pro tip: Quick & Cheap doesn’t always mean you’ll get results quickly nor cheaply.

I’ve got 3 months to make this. The main issue is just with the helmet. Once this is done, the rest should fall in place. I think I’ll have to make the mega buster out of upholster foam once more and have a bar for me to hold inside of it. But for now, I need to focus on making that helmet. Once that’s done, I can begin thinking about the rest of the outfit. I’ll begin working on this late January.

Captain James Hook – Kitacon


Technically, I’ve done this one already… But I don’t have my own coat and waistcoat for the costume. Let alone a jabot! This will be simple enough. The rest of the stuff is still with me however, including the hat and the wig so I foresee this costume taking me no more than a dedicated week to finish off. I could also make his sword to really bring the character to life. Perhaps I could make his gun. The thought of walking in high heels through the event is quite a daunting one, so I might just put them on for pictures.

I will also be able to get the moustache and eyebrows sorted out for it next time, along with eyeliner. All the small details make a major difference, so that should be good. I also need to convert the boots slightly. Because I’m going for the Dustin Hoffman version, I will be sure to make the heels themselves red and the insides of the boots. Honestly, this was a silly idea of me to use a heeled character, but it had to happen eventually. I also get to look really tall in this outfit!

Max (Sam & Max) – AmeCon


One of the key parts of the New Year for me is to get seriously back into weight loss. When I was heavily in the gym during 2013-2014, I went from 19 stone down to 13. A huge drop. This time, I plan to go down to my intended target weight, which is about 10-11 stone, but I’m mostly caring about burning fat and building my shape better. So, for AmeCon, I intend to do a costume which is going to be no more than a shaped body suit, a large head and big bunny ears: Yes, Max from Sam & Max fame.

With a ludicrously oversized novelty pistol to accompany it, this psychotic bunny will be less about the costume and more about the character. Deadpool fans, eat your heart out, there’s a crazier character out there and you’ve not seen one of these at a convention before!

There are way more costumes I have planned. I’m sure once or twice our friendly local ghoul, Oskar, will make his appearance… But for the most part, I want a bunch of new costumes. I also want to figure a better way to store these costumes than how I currently have them (I have a costume box: As in an actual cardboard box with costume pieces all inside and around it.) Cosplay is fun and cosblogging is something I’m really keen to do more of next year. Here’s hoping I can give some fun tutorials on how to do some pieces for costumes too.

Next year, along with Kitacon and AmeCon, I am hoping to attend May’s MCM in London. If you’re going, let me know and I’ll make sure to come say hello! Are you planning on cosplaying next year? What are you planning on doing? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


3 responses

  1. Max would be awesome. If you want to make a Koro-Sensei cosplay you will have to build it fast – at mach 20 speed.


    December 27, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    • Yeah, I’m quite excited by Max. Next year, I’m hitting the gym back up, so it’s going to be a relatively simple costume: White suit of some kind, big ol’ mask with the bunny ears – And a big ol’ gun!

      Don’t worry, mach 20 is my usual working speed!

      Liked by 1 person

      December 27, 2015 at 12:18 pm

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