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Christmas Presents

You have ten days left, and even that’s optimistic. More like nine, not to mention you’re probably working a lot of those days, then once you’ve bought all the presents you’ve got to wrap them and get them to the people who they’re for. How are you going to enjoy your oversized meal and collection of things you’ll receive with varying degrees of appreciation if you’ve only just unburdened yourself of the social obligations? You’re exhausted, you’re unfulfilled because you bought everyone the same Mars Bar to share.

I love Christmas.

Honestly I do, I started shopping in August! This is the one month where my jewel encrusted bitterness and napalm hatred gives in to unbearable enthusiasm and an ever-mounting tower of creative power. But I’ll address the terrible things emerging from my brain another time. Here’s some advice for getting last minute presents for your nerdier friends and relatives.



geek-xmas-14The Internet Is Full Of Junk

Amazon doesn’t really help narrow things down, it just makes things easier once you’ve already found what you’re looking for. Great for if you really know what your friends want, no problem, search for it, click on it, pay for it and done! You can send it straight to them gift-wrapped if they’re a long way away or if you’re sitting down, all you need to do is find out their address.

If you’re looking for something gloriously non-specific, a little bit weird, or even geeky in a broad enough sense that it’s hard to go wrong you could do worse than trawling through Firebox or I Want One Of Those, the latter of which has an excellent page of stuff that you and your geek friends would want that you can easily find by googling “Nerd Presents” – although I would add that that particular search yielded many different sites marketing the exact same items.

Whatever field of general geekery your intended victim – or “gift recipient” if you will – falls into there is a website filled with information about the subject, usually quite easy to digest. The beauty of the information age is that you can know the slightest thing about a person and take that to Amazon, eBay or some of the more specific sites to find a gift that will roughly suit them.



Oh sure it’s easy! But so’s giving cash, at least you went to the effort of going a little more specific than just standing at the ATM and deliberating what quantity can be attributed to your relationship. Even something general like an Amazon voucher shows greater thought, attention and appreciation than cash. That’s not to devalue those people who send cash, for some people it’s impractical to do anything else, a simple means of showing appreciation and/or affection for a person who’s too far away or whom you haven’t seen in far too long. But if you know someone well enough to be thinking about them while reading this article then they don’t deserve your cash.

Steam, XBox and PSN vouchers are a great shout for gamers, assuming you know what they’re using. Cinema vouchers always go down well for the cinephiles, although theatre tickets make for an interesting twist. There are some vouchers in the world you may not expect, like Loot Crate and Netflix, so try something new and outlandish just to offer something different.

And vouchers are quick and easy. Time’s a-wasting and there’s still so much to do, decorating and getting food and whatnot.

Things To Avoid

Funko Pop vinyl figures are great if you like them, but some people don’t appreciate the mouthless-chibi thing, and alone they look out of place unless you’ve got a couple of others to sit alongside them. They’re something to add to someone’s collection or to give to someone that you are absolutely confident that they’ll like. Of course if they do like them then there’s always something for you, and everyone else! Walking Dead and M;tG? Awesome. Classic Batman and Babymetal? Go for it!


Films are also a gamble. Just because you loved it doesn’t mean they will. You wouldn’t buy someone an album unless you know their taste in music down to a tee, same with clothing – and that’s really a thing for parents and grandparents. Recommend films until you turn grey and dessicated, but don’t shove it into their face and demand they enjoy it, and keep it in their house, occupying space on a shelf that has forced them to put something else laterally on top of the other films on that shelf. If they like the film, you go ahead.

In short, avoid the specific unless you have absolute certainty in what you’re doing.

But if you knew what you were doing you wouldn’t have read this far.

Merry Christmas!

Get on with it.


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  1. I hate Xmas shopping. I still haven’t bought any gifts.


    December 17, 2015 at 10:22 am

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