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Timlah’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs Summary

Dashing through the ring, jumping off a ladder, hit you with a chair, smash you through a table! WWE TLC 2015 has now come and gone, leaving behind a few questions and a lot of answers. Who will look good going into the New Year and who really stood out? Join Timlah as he takes a look back at the demolition derby that ensued. WARNING: This article is full of results from the event and is image heavy.

I try not to do articles on pro wrestling very often, but when I do, it should be for a damn good reason. This is my Tables, Ladders & Chairs summary, for those of you who are into it – Or those with a passing interest. After all, it’s become a very geek subject as of the past couple of years, so here’s my take on the carnage that happened.

First off, let me state that this was the first Pay Per View in over a year that I wasn’t really looking forward to. It was filled with feuds that very few people cared about and booking that was laughable to say the least. What we got however was far greater than an event filled with typical lazy contests. With only one match being a bit of a mess (more on that later,) the wrestlers themselves seemed to be really into the insanity of the event and gave us some extreme spots like never before.

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Let’s begin with the pre-show match, which was Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch. Sasha went into this as the home town hero and much like how heel CM Punk was faced against face John Cena for the championship in 2011, the crowd were roaring for their resident bad Boss. The Boss, Sasha Banks, went on to score a victory over Becky Lynch in a fantastic standard match. The ladies were given the lowest spot on the night, but from there, they truly shined bright… Kind of like the bling the Boss wears. Intriguingly, Becky Lynch, although a face, was struggling as a face when against the cheers for the heel. It’s not too surprising though: Let’s make that match happen again in Ireland and see if the cheers change sides?

Sasha Banks might be one of the most over female wrestlers… Ever! I honestly can’t remember a time where a WWE Diva was really doing this well. There’s only one comparison that springs to mind for the Divas division, in a certain AJ Lee. I hope the Boss and Becky have a long career in the Divas division, as these are two hyper-talented individuals. Plus the work they’ve done together, especially last night, is phenomenal. Amazing match!

So the first match of the event was a pleasant surprise: It was the Triple Threat Tag Team Championship match… And needless to say, it was spectacular! Let’s start with the champions walking into the match, The New Day. This trio has had the special benefit of the Freebird Style. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when three people have the Tag Team titles. The way this works is before the match, they determine who will be going into it. The trio have been highly entertaining, with hilarious antics and lots of popular culture references. One of the performers, Kofi Kingston, even wears winged boots, a reference to Link from The Legend of Zelda.

The challengers, The Usos and Lucha Dragons, were two very different styles. Whilst the New Day had Kofi Kingston and Big E, a high-risk high-flyer and a brute respectively, the Usos and the Luchas were much more in sync with their styles. The Usos take up more of a mat game, where they wear down their opponents with hard hitting attacks and the Lucha Dragons basically just fly. Seriously, they were born without wings but this didn’t stop the uncanny Kalisto.

Kalisto was the star of this match. He did an incredible move from the top of the large ladder onto Jimmy of The Usos. I must interject here: Do NOT try this at home. You will likely be in hospital. Kalisto and Jimmy were at the top of the largest ladder, both trying to reach out and grab the championship titles, when Kalisto realised it was inevitable that Jimmy would have taken the belts. In a desperate attempt, he unleashed his finishing manoeuver from the top of the ladder ‘Solida Del Sol’. He flipped over the top step of the ladder, grabbing and smashing Jimmy down into a ladder that was set up horizontally below them between the ladder they were on and the ring ropes. Needless to say, that ladder buckled from the attack. It looked brutal, it looked devastating… and the two men sold it wonderfully. Probably because they were genuinely hurting.

So the ending was a little cheap and we had our first retain of the night, but hey: It was a fantastic match. It paid dividends to the amount of skill, risk and complexity of the match and all of the competitors within. I hope this is the beginning of a budding rivalry between the Lucha Dragons and The New Day. Match of the night!

Next up, Rusev vs Ryback. Sorry, this was a messy one. I mean the two did a few spots which were okay, but ultimately the ending was screwy and kind of uninteresting as a result. This was a grudge match of sorts, as Ryback caused Rusev to hurt his beloved in a match prior to TLC. Ryback suffered the loss at The Accolade submission finisher. A shame, though: These two men deserve better. Sad match.

Next the US Championship match and this was a match that went above and beyond for what it was. The booking and the attention to this match prior was practically non-existent. Somehow, we received Alberto Del Rio back, defeating John Cena for the championship and aligning with Zeb Coulter, an old rival of his… Against his old rivals’ former protégé… And then the protégé was back to being Zebs friend in a Twitter tweet. I think.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I could kind of see where they were going with the angle, but it was a bit of a mess. Nevermind though, Jack Swagger, who will likely side with Zeb again, is a relatively unknown name these days. He missed the majority of 2015, but he was a solid work horse in this match. Plus, there was the incredible finish spot. This was a chairs match and I’ve never seen a good chairs match. This one might have broken the tradition. A double diving foot stomp into a huge pile of chairs (and Jack Swagger) from Alberto Del Rio saw a title retain for the reigning US Champion. Solid match.

Next up, we’ve got Team ECW vs The Wyatt Family in an elimination tables match, this is one I had my eye on to be a potential match of the night. This was a hard hitting match in which the resident deranged giant, Luke Harper, probably delivered one of the spots of the night. It’s a move we’ve seen him do time and time again, but this time to leap through the ropes and plant Tommy Dreamer through a table was a sight to behold. Giant of a man, with the grace of a caribou I tell you.

Whilst it wasn’t the match of the night, it was all around pretty good. It’s interesting that they decided to give the win to the bearded brutes of the Wyatts this time around. Normally whenever it’s a high profile feud, which this is pretty high profile, the Wyatts talk a good game but have no results for it. Heck, they’ve been beaten from the inside by Daniel Bryan, they were beaten by John Cena, and then they were beaten about by Roman Reigns. Nearly every feud they went in they lost. This has been rectified now. Amazing match!

Next up, we had the match I most wanted to see and in every level, this one did not disappoint. Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Championship. This was a slugger fest from start to finish. It made me proud to be a wrestling fan, as Dean lunged out at Kevin Owens who realised his doom at several points, using his heel status to be cowardly about the idea of his defeat.

Ambrose is the type to just go all out fast and brawly which is great fun to watch. He was leaping all over his opponent before he even had a chance to breathe. Kevin Owens was shown to be a bit of a resilient champion, so he wasn’t made to look weak at all. In fact, the finish could be the start of a new feud for the two. It is brilliant booking, both looked strong, we gained a new intercontinental champion. Amazing match!

Well then, this leaves two more matches for this card. The Divas title was next on the line and in all honesty, it wasn’t a great match, but at least we’ve gotten a little bit of development in the division. We saw defending champion Charlotte, daughter of Ric Flair, defend her championship successfully. At the same time, she turned heel, in a heel vs heel match which was a bit weird to watch. I was actually finding Paige to be very sympathetic in this event. The in ring work between these two was good, though!

When you’re trying to build your current Divas champion, you don’t want to include their dad in everything. From the moment Charlotte has arrived on the main stage, the fact she’s Ric Flairs daughter has been shoved down our throats and honestly, let’s give the lass her dues. She’s a great wrestler in her own rights, who deserves to be respected for being herself. She should not have to carry her fathers legacy on her back, she should build her own. Either way, Charlotte remains the champion. Cheating or not, it doesn’t matter. Pretty good match.


One last match for the pay per view, it’s the WWE World Heavyweight Championship title match. This is the titular TLC match of the show. Tables, ladders and chairs were on offer through this match and actually if I’m being honest, I didn’t think we’d get a great match. I figured it’d be a slugger fest but I never thought it’d actually be a solid match. The two men, Sheamus and Roman Reigns, fought with everything in them. They put it all out there – and then there was a typical screwy finish.

How droll… The match itself was good, certainly not as good as some of the other in-ring works of the evening, but what we had at the end after the screwy finish was Roman Reigns FINALLY being allowed to be himself. He was allowed to basically become a monster in the ring. He smashed through people, punch after punch, rushing at them. He destroyed the Spanish Announcers Table with Triple H, he took out the League of Nations – He was mad and it was spine chilling. Whatever the crowds roared at him: Oh he did it. The night ended with a roaring ovation for Roman, shouting “Thank you, Roman!” That is the making of a star, ladies and gentlemen. He’s had to step up ever since Seth Rollins went down to injury. Last night, he showed why he is a great contender. Solid match with EXCEPTIONAL finish!

Well that’s it for my PPV Summary. What did you think? Did you get to see the show or are you planning on watching it? Let me know what you thought in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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