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GameBlast 2016

What do video games and charity have in common? SpecialEffect and their GameBlast events: A video game stream for charity, that’s what! On February 26th to February 28th, a continuous stream will be happening from the Gamely Giving group, set up by 1001Up. Those who attended the last GeekOut Meetup will have heard me stick my hand out and say that I’m part of this stream, for a wholesome 5 hours (potentially more!) So what will I be doing for my part of GameBlast 2016?


In February 2016, I will be on at 23:00, live from the Gamely Giving Twitch channel. This is the first ever time I’ve opted in to doing something such as a live stream, so I thought I wanted to leave an impression on all those who see me on there. I’m not going to be your typical streamer, just showing you games… I’m going a few steps further than that. At 23:00, festivities will start with a game of truly epic proportions. Here’s my current schedule for Gamely Giving:

Gamely Giving 2016 Schedule

I’ll be doing the whole of the game playing session live whilst in a costume of some kind. I’ll announce what my costume will be a little closer to the time. Because playing games and speaking to people isn’t hard enough, I might as well do it whilst handicapping myself. Probably throughout the night I’ll have a beer or ten, so if you’re somehow watching me play the games, feel free to ask me questions about video games, blogging, GeekOut Meetups, costumes and conventions… Hey, just come chat geek with me to keep my mind busy! I’m eagerly looking forward to doing this event, but I have one more ace up my sleeve.

You might have read that schedule above and gone “Wait a minute, what’s happening at 02:30?” If you thought this, you’ve read correctly. That does indeed say Game Dev. My schedule goes on until 04:00, 4am! This means I’ve got an hour and a half for game development. Over the coming weeks, I’ll be putting up some information about my game development plans for the day – Only I plan to make the full game within an hour and start to think about publishing it before hand. How will I accomplish such a feat? RPG Maker VX.


Now, times and games are not set in stone yet. The only thing I’m 100% sure I want to do is make a game for the SpecialEffect GameBlast. I’m keen to make something and so I’ll begin setting up spaces for people to hang out with me as I make stuff for the game, should they want to. Another post on this subject will arrive in the next few weeks, so please do stick with me on this one. It’s going to happen and I’ve given it the name Isolate. The game isn’t going to be warm and cuddly, as I intend it to be a relatively shocking, stark reminder to us all that the works of charities such as SpecialEffect makes all the difference in the world to the people they touch. It’s truly heart-warming having seen what they do, so please do check them out.

What do you think about my plans for GameBlast 2016? Do you think I’m being too ambitious with this project, or just ambitious enough? I’m going to set up some pages so people can follow my progress as I create graphics and assets for the game. I want Isolate to be a bit of a dark tale, which will be freely downloadable either immediately or shortly after my stream is over.


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