Geek Proud, GeekOut.

Oops, where’s today’s post?

Some days, you need to step back and realise: You’re not going to get an article out. Not a full article anyway. This is one of those days. Sorry everybody. I have failed you all…

GeekOut Bauble

… Okay, it’s not that dramatic, however we’re preparing tomorrows GeekOut Bristol Meetup, our last one of the year. Most of my focus has been on that for the past week, hence the slow turn around for articles on my behalf recently. Nevertheless, we’ll be back and better than ever after the meetup. Stick around – Next week, there’ll be a gallery of the latest GeekOut Meetup. When we return tomorrow, there’ll be our Top 10 Goofy Protagonists list. Whilst you’re here, why not read some more Top 10‘s?

Sunday, we’re trying to get an interview ready for you all to hear with the one, the only — Well, that’d be telling wouldn’t it? It’s quite a treat for the gentlepeople of the world. Also, this week, we learned that Kitacon would be open for registrations on the 3rd of January. At last!

So, sorry again – But stick around and have a great weekend!


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