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Welcome To A Very GeekOut Winter

♫You’d better watch out,
You’d better not pout,
You’d better not cry – I’m tellin’ you why,
GeekOut is comin’ to town!
GeekOut is comin’ to town!
GeekOut Bristol Meetup’s coming – ON SATURDAY♫

Well that was cheesy enough

GeekOut South-West Geek Proud Christmas

Welcome to GeekOut Winter, where throughout the whole of the month of December, we’ll be bringing you themed articles. As well as this, we’ll be having a slight change of look, such as the Christmas Bauble as you can see in our logo. Since Christmas is a time of sharing, a time of caring, we’ve got a competition going for a free copy of Worms Reloaded on Facebook, as well as a second bonus game.

This week, I’ll be bringing you a review of a Santa video game! In fact, one that’s so notoriously bad, that I am beginning to question my sanity even thinking about reviewing it. Couple this with the usual videos of Stonekeep and other videos we may post to the YouTube Channel, we’re busy at work here at GeekOut.

This is going to be a treat for all you nice boys and girls.

This is going to be a treat for all you nice boys and girls.

Joel has finished his NaNoWriMo, so be sure to look out for his article NaNoMore on Thursday, before he comes back to taking two articles per week. On Sunday, I’ll be showing you how you can use GIMP to make your own graphically designed Bauble, so you can make your own festive cheer on your PC this year.

Next week, join us for a review on an incredibly bad Santa movie, Santa’s Slay. I’m really looking forward to trying a film review, which is a rarity for me. Perhaps I’ll do my first ever live recording for it? Oh it might have to be in a costume, just to drive home the spirit of the season.

Ho, ho, ho, merry DEATHMAS!

Ho, ho, ho, merry DEATHMAS!

Speaking of the spirit of the season, did you know that this Saturday is our monthly GeekOut Bristol Meet? This is our Christmas 2015 meetup, so be sure to expect images of the event and maybe a recording or two. We’re going all out for our last meetup of 2015: We’ve got our Book & Comic Swap, we’ve got our board games and our light activity laptop. We’ll be holding a Super Secret Santa, where you bring a geek present to the event and in return you’ll get to select a completely random Secret Santa gift from a bag! Ho, ho, ho indeed! If you get involved on Facebook, we’ll see if we can host a few games of Quiplash live from the event for people to join in.

We’ve also decided to go out on a bang! Meetup attendees will get a GeekOut Goat Poster free of charge. If they’re nice (or a little bit naughty), they will also get a free Santa hat and what’s this?! We need to declare a winner to our challenge? Yes, we’ve got our first ever trophy to hand out to one lucky winner of the meetup. Who’ll be declared the Geek Champion of 2015?!

2015-11-30 18.56.35

Who will be crowned champion and take home the coveted GeekOut trophy?

With all of this going on this winter and Christmas, be sure to get involved with the fun and festivities. We’re looking for pictures for our Facebook page, where you can get involved by taking selfies! Take a selfie of yourself with whatever activities you’re doing over the festive season. Bonus points to those who keep it geek during this winter, so get snapping and share with us what you’ve been doing this winter. We’ll run an article on Christmas with all of your awesome Christmas pictures!

As always, get involved in the comments below or over on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to give us a like on our YouTube channel, or drop us an email if there’s anything you’d like to get involved with!


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