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GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 14 and 15

We’re back for another week of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep. Last week I forgot to upload these two episodes, so here they are, a week late. I’ll try to get two more episodes up than usual for later this week to compensate for the lack of the Let’s Play. In the mean time however, let’s look at what I did this week.

Episode 14 – Deflating Otyugh

In this gripping episode of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep:

  • Cleverly, I skipped ahead a bit to stop the boring wading through waters and then…
  • … I managed to make the sewers look absolutely revolting!
  • I found the ‘kraken’ that had been terrorising me…
  • … And made it deflate into some hilarious teeth.
  • Although I thought the krakens body looked like a carrion worm, which it really doesn’t.
  • I figure it’s an Otyugh thanks to talking it out with our resident DM, Joel.
  • I get confused as to what to do next so consult a map.


Episode 15 – Underhanded Underlands

One more episode for this week? Oh I’m spoiling you all now!

  • Hello montage!
  • I used my map wisely and found a thing I would have never found otherwise… A secret path!
  • The path leads us… back up to the previous floor?
  • I find out why the otyugh was holding a dragon statuette
  • I unlock the 4th level: the Underlands!
  • I find Buzz-Buzz the wasp and giggle profoundly at the cuteness that is the wasp.
  • I scare myself away from a big boulder like thing as I was uncertain as to what it was… I’ve seen other people play this game and I think that is a thing that could one shot me… but I’m not fully sure!

As always, your comments are much appreciated. Please remember to like, comment and subscribe to the GeekOut YouTube Channel and let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong. Again, thanks for watching! Let me know anything else in the comments below or over on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


2 responses

  1. I’d have liked to have seen the kraken-slug-worm in full glory after the sewers were drained (if they were indeed parts of the same creature); congrats on finally beating it!

    I was also surprised when the path to the next level ended up being above the sewers… don’t know why in hindsight, since who builds things below sewers?

    The Underlands do seem interesting, less mobs (so far), and aside from the sharga they’re quite different. Harmless(?) insects and dancing mushrooms! That one-hit-kill guy sounds less fun, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    November 27, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    • I’ve been doing my share of reading up on the game to make sure I always keep it moving, rather than the back and forth drivel you’ve seen up until now. I can confirm there are supposedly times we encounter whatever the hell it is outside of water :)

      Well I guess you don’t build things below sewers… But like… Is this on the same level as the sewers? However, it could just be magical. We know magic exists in the realm of Stonekeep, after all.

      Yep! I’m digging it. It’s changed its whole pace and atmosphere. I love my little Buzz-Buzz friend who doesn’t wanna hurt me :D! I love seeing it come face to face with me hahaha


      November 27, 2015 at 8:45 pm

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