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Anime Review – The Perfect Insider

We’re deep in the fall season for anime and it’s been quite a slow burner this year. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some interesting choices, such as Beautiful Bones, but even that isn’t truly a great series. However, sticking to the theme of investigative anime, we’re now inspecting The Perfect Insider. But does it hold to its namesake, or is this just another anime muddled in with fall season? Join Timlah as he delves through The Perfect Insider.




Based upon the novel Subete ga F ni Naru by Mephisto Prize winner Hiroshi Mori, The Perfect Insider follows Sōhei Saikawa of the Saikawa Research Lab. Along with his… Let’s just say his crush, I guess, Moe Nishinosono who is the daughter of Sōhei’s mentor, they begin to investigate the situations and circumstances surrounding a genius programmer and a serial murder. All of this whilst trying to fit in a nice holiday, isn’t that something?

One thing I’ve taken away from what I’ve seen so far is how many questions this show asks. I’m unsure if this is some deep, philosophical anime, or if it’s just some rambling – But considering the accolades of the author, I am hoping that the questions become a common theme which slowly, but surely, get answered. I’ve never heard of the novel before now, so this is something I’ll have to look up!


The voice actors are really good, which is key to this type of anime. In action, or Shonen, it really doesn’t matter how the characters sound, so long as they say some damn cool lines. But when you’re watching investigative anime, you need characters with audible voices. Thankfully in this case, the expert voice actors in

The opening and closing music for the anime is really nice too. It’s easy to listen to and it’s funky and it’s brilliant at getting you into the mood of the series, a little bit catchy and nicely paced. Click the video above to hear the opening theme tune, Talking by KANA-BOON.


As always, check out our gallery:


Whenever I review these, I mostly go by the opening episode and this one is rather peculiar. I think I’ll stick this one out and follow it, but it’s leaving me with some very odd impressions of it (which is a good thing in this case). There’s an appeal about it, something oddly calming to watch… Even though it throws a million questions at you, all whilst leaving a million questions unanswered. I’m sure as time goes on, a lot of these questions will be answered, but it seems the mystery part of this anime is doing a good job thus far. It’s nicely animated and the visuals are stunning. I particularly enjoy the designs of Moe and Sōhei. I’d recommend checking this one out, which you can watch on Crunchyroll right now.

If there was one criticism, the first episode really doesn’t have much going on in the way of scenes. It’s back and forth banter between at most four people in one go. However, the dialogue was gripping enough and kept me engaged, that it’s worth pushing on… Especially since after episode one, I know it all changes. Have you seen this anime, or any series like it? Let us know what you think in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter and join in the conversation. What anime are you watching this fall season?


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