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Anime Review – Anti-magic Academy: the 35th Test Platoon

In a world ravaged by witches and criminal gunmen, there’s an academy dedicated to building up Inquisitors to defend the world from the criminals. When elite pistol master Ouka Ohtori joins the 35th Test Platoon, known as the Small Fry Platoon, she’s led by a highly inexperienced captain called Takeru Kusunagi, a boy who still uses swords in a world where guns are the norm. A dysfunctional platoon take on missions and have to work as a cohesive unit.




Is this an innuendo already..?

Witches are running rampant and are causing havoc everywhere. With this in mind, the military have set about making sure that these dangerous magics are kept at bay, by training elite soldiers against them. Whilst magic is an issue, skilled criminal gunmen are also fighting for the power that witches bring. The Anti-Magic Academy was set up to bring these criminals to justice, whilst keeping an ever watchful eye on witches.

Ultimately, this is just a harem anime but I wish it didn’t have good premise behind it. When I read the description, I was goaded into watching it because it sounded like a relatively fun and quite unique anime. What I was greeted with however a constant supply of oh-so-hilarious antics of a guy who is the captain of a dysfunctional platoon known as the Small Fry Platoon, as he has to deal with being in a platoon filled with nothing but female members. So, take just five seconds to guess what happens? Within the first few minutes, you’re greeted to the emotionally unstable sniper who is dressed in a bunny outfit, being filmed by the smart mechanic girl.


Yeah the audio is good, with some nice music. But there’s nothing that actually jumps out and grabs at you. There’s nothing special about the music, but there’s also nothing noteworthy about the voice actors in this series case. Still, it’s fine for what it is. One jaunting issue I found is sometimes when a character is conveying anger through voice, their faces didn’t match the tone they were giving… Particularly weird to see. When you have a slightly miffed face and you’re screaming at the top of your lungs, it just doesn’t look right. I might start doing this to terrify people, actually!


Here’s a gallery for the series. The artwork is really nicely done and I do like how they’ve kept the uniforms standard, even if they were literally made to tightly hug the female protagonists bodies…


As you might tell, I’m not so fond of this anime, but that’s because I’m bitterly disappointed. I found in a lot of instances the plot was good but only to be dampened with this wet sponge of yet another anime that promotes the groping of breasts and gazing at butts. Don’t get me wrong: the art in this series is superb and it will certainly be entertaining if you’re looking for a small kick… However with the constant supply of “this is a man and these are all the girls he will have to interact with” animes (mostly known as harem anime), there’s . Before you get the wrong impression and think that I don’t like harem anime, I’d highly recommend you check out Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?. That is a masterfully crafted harem anime with a fun, exciting premise.

I can’t in any good conscious encourage you to watch Anti-Magic Academy and I hate to be a downer on a series: That’s not like me. However, when it’s an incredibly blatant ploy to keep people sucked in through sexual appeal, I get bored quickly. Within minutes and seeing countless back-breaking breasts (all of which abide their own laws of physics) and perked out butts (which there can only be so many of), I have seen all I can stand. If you don’t mind the crassness of it, then go ahead and give it a watch as the actual premise sounds pretty fun… However I won’t be going back to this one. I’m really disappointed as I have seen so many gleaming reviews in the comments section, although the same can’t be said from what other reviewers are making of the series.

What do you all think? Have I been really harsh on this series? Should I go and give it another try in later episodes, or is this just a ploy to be yet another harem anime and cash in on the fact that prepubescent boys (and girls) will be interested in animated, physics breaking bosoms? Let me know what a Scrooge I’m being in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter. Gosh, I can’t believe this anime has gotten me so… bitter. Just as well I’m going to be running a meetup today!


2 responses

  1. You’re not being harsh, I was also disappointed in this one. I gave it two episodes due to the interesting premise, but aside from the harem hijinks that you’ve already covered in detail, I found the animation for the CG ‘Witch Hunter Mode’ very clunky. There are just better series out there this season for fans of both action AND harem!

    As far as older anime series go, I’d recommend Witch Hunter Robin to anyone looking for a more serious take on a modern witch hunting premise.


    November 13, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    • As you say, the concept of it was really good. I really wanted to get into it, but the moment I saw one of the first scenes was “OH DON’T COME IN!” and he still opens the odor to see a girl fully bent over in a bunny outfit, I knew what the anime was going to be.

      In that point, I guess it didn’t disappoint, because it was exactly what it was supposed to be. I feel as if harem anime do have their merits, but this one just felt like a really poor attempt to, well, cash in!


      November 14, 2015 at 3:52 pm

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