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GeekOut Plays Stonekeep – Episodes 12 and 13

With two more episodes down (though one episode will be available in the morning one will be available in the evening), we’re progressing through the slimy, smelly sewers of Stonekeep. I make more great progress, still no deaths but this time around, there’s a lot of close encounters. I find some cool things out, I learn a lot about the game and I even learn how to do the Stonekeep Dance.

Episode 12 – Unleash The Kraken!

In this episode of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep:

  • We see our good old friend Wahooka make a surprise reappearance into the game, hey there Wahooka the Great!
  • We walk around a lot.
  • We get a… Triangle.
  • We bump into another cylinder.
  • We backtrack.
  • We find a kraken… Which is just an Octopus really.
  • We kill said kraken.

Episode 13 – I’m Too Young For Snakes

Hoo boy, in this episode…

  • I do a recap of that kraken (I’m sticking to calling it a kraken).
  • I run back upstairs.
  • I get my magic sorted out.
  • I find a lot of snakes.
  • I go on a quest to find a better place to replenish magic…
  • I find said place!
  • I get confused by a mysterious entity trying to kill me in the sewers…
  • I run back upstairs.

Stay tuned as later tonight I’ll upload episode 13, but for now episode 12 is available to watch. Please do leave your comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter and let me know what you think of this weeks episodes. Thanks for sticking it out, these episodes can only get better! But if you have any suggestions as always, please let me know. Your feedback is really valuable, as are all the subscriptions to the GeekOut YouTube Channel. Do you prefer me giving a live reaction, or should I stick to reacting after a recording?


3 responses

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  2. I forgot to mention in last week’s comments – the snakes remind me of Dratini, but evil. Probably because of the ear-frill things. It’d explain why fire attacks weren’t very effective on them, at least! Why there are so many all of a sudden, who knows. Unless Wahooka’s triangle attracts them or something… now that he’s exploited you for gems and skulls, maybe he has no further use for you!?

    I’m assuming that the underwater entity is the head and body of the kraken – cephalopods can survive without tentacles!


    November 13, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    • Oooh! Evil Dratini! Blast them evil Dratinis and their horrible, nasty bites!!

      Oh god, now I have a feeling that will be just a head of a kraken ready to jump out and get me. You’ll be pleased to hear though, I’ve remembered something I didn’t check out before so I’m gonna skip next weeks to what I’m hoping will be an important thing.

      Also I bet Wahooka is the Goblin King all along… *Sings Labyrinth songs*


      November 14, 2015 at 3:49 pm

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