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Video Game Review – Minecraft

We might be digging ourselves a hole with this review, however we almost forgot to do a proper review of the indie sensation. From Creepers that pop out of the middle of nowhere, to Skeletons and Zombies, you can be sure to have yourself a fun survival game. Witches come out at this time of the year too, so there’s more to Minecraft than just a sandbox game – But how do all of the modes play out? Timlah checks out the mighty Minecraft for a full review.



No story. No seriously, there’s absolutely no story and if you want one, go ahead and buy Minecraft: Story Mode which I’ve heard is pretty good but I cannot comment on this for myself. That’s all there is to say here. Unless you want to make a story for yourself, or if you download one of the numerous modded adventure maps that people put on the interwebs.



Adventure: This mode is the standard gameplay. This is for you to go against Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Ghasts, Endermen – The enemies come out at you, basically. This is a fun mix between building and survival. Stay alive through the day time, have yourself a shelter from the enemies at night time and don’t let them spawn indoors or anything like that. You must make sure your areas are well lit up and you should forge tools to carry on with the game.

It’s a simple concept and it doesn’t need to be anything more than what it is.

Creative: Okay, so you want to play a sandbox game and don’t want the hassle of putting up with Creepers blowing up your builds, or Endermen stealing blocks? It’s okay, just choose Creative mode and have fun. You can also choose options such as Superflat to have a simple flat land for you to build on. It’s not all about surviving the nights against zombies and witches. Plus, you can have as many pumpkins or jack-o-lanterns as you like.

Hardcore: My favourite mode that few others seem to like. I love the challenge with Hardcore mode, but if a Creeper comes up behind you and you don’t respond in time, be prepared to have to start the game from scratch. If you die in hardcore mode, you’ve died and that’s that.


People complain about the graphics, but I personally love them. The game has a wonderful vibe to it. Check out these screenshots from a session I’m currently in, as well as one with a texture pack. The good thing is, you can make Minecraft look beautiful through mods and texture packs. Shader packs add to the detail, as well as there being high quality textures available. Minecraft is the ultimate modders game.


Usually really relaxed is the way to describe the audio. It doesn’t detract from the experience and even if you bump into a creeper, the music stays calm. It’s a nice change of pace – Until you start getting the Music Disks. These CDs can be played via a Jukebox (Or, if you mod it, the Computer Craft computers can play them!)

My favourite song from Minecraft is Cat (See the YouTube video above)


We all love Minecraft. It’s been here for a long time and I guess I was looking for an excuse to write about this jolly experience. Sure, it’s not the most Halloweeny game around, but there’s enough you can do in game to make it festive… So, why not consider booting up the old Sandbox game and building yourself a lovely Jack-O-Lantern lit house for Halloween. You may find there are more treats than tricks.

I’m going to be recording some Minecraft videos in the future: So if you’d like to do something with me on Minecraft, let me know in the comments below, or over on Twitter and Facebook. Are you interested in coming with me on a wondrous journey through the world of Minecraftia? (Seriously, that’s what it’s called… They have been exposed to too many Mooshrooms).


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