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Geek News and Halloween Week

Look up. You’ll see this articles title, but above that you’ll see that we’ve changed our banner to reflect the significance of this week. That’s right, the ghouls and the ghosts have come back from the spirit realm and have decided to party here on Earth once again. Nice to see you fellas back, I’m sure Oskar appreciates the company too. However, just because it’s Halloween week doesn’t mean that things aren’t still happening in the world. Let’s check out some of these snippets of news I’ve pulled up for this week, before the monsters get a little too restless.

YouTube Unveils YouTube ‘Red’

Casual observers on the internet have murmured about the new YouTube Red service, which isn’t what you think it is. A lot of people have mentioned that it sounds as if YouTube are going to start allowing… Um… Something that is absolutely not PG! But that’s not what YouTube Red is. Instead, it’s a subscription service to allow people to watch their favourite YouTube videos advertless and also the ability to watch videos offline. It’s the same as normal YouTube from what we can tell, but just with those benefits. Sort of like what people would use Patreon for, you know?

The name is baffling to me. So YouTube, a video sharing service, is going to put the word ‘Red’ in its name. For one: The logo of YouTube is already red, so it’s not like they’re being ground-breaking in terms of the format. Of course like many other people in the world, I am most confused as to why they would use ‘Red’ considering a certain OTHER Video Sharing Service is called ‘Red–‘ Let’s just leave that sentence right there.

Speaking of YouTube…

The Prehistoric Channel Goes Viral

No, we’re not on about something like BBC doing a full channel on the lives of  dinosaurs in fully animated superb graphics. We’re not on about David Attenborough having a full channel dedicated to his honestly delightful Walking With Dinosaurs series either. Instead, we’re on about the imaginative mind of a 13 year old boy who has gotten himself a camera and a bunch of toy dinosaurs… And has made the internet awe simultaneously whilst actually impressing us with his constant strive to be better.

Reddit picked up on the news of the prehistoric channel‘s existence on Friday. Before Reddit started to talk about it, the boys channel supposedly had just 22 followers (Which hey, that’s still more than the GeekOut YouTube channel right now! I need tips from the fellah!) After Reddit got whiff of the riveting tales of the boys stories, using his toy dinosaurs to keep people entertained, it sky-rocketed to more than 86,000 subscribers as of the time of writing. It’s nice to see that a young guy is being rewarded for sticking to it and keeping his channel going. Good work and nice one Reddit, this is the most heart-warming viral story I’ve seen in a while!

Will The FNAF4 Locked Box Open On Halloween?


Fans of Five Nights At Freddy’s will be familiar with the ending of the fourth game left us with more questions than answers. As usual. Now, originally the game was supposedly going to be released on 31/10/2015, AKA Halloween. Then, the game was released much earlier than anticipated as per the typical Scott Cawthon fashion. However, Scott has eluded to the fact that something will happen on Halloween.

The rumour is that the box will open on Halloween. So here’s hoping those locks finally come undone and we see what Scott has in store for us on Halloween. Speaking of FNAF 4 – I had a miserable run of it recently where I didn’t even get past level 1. You’ll be able to see this on Saturday in tribute to the locked box.

2015-10-25 17.12.55

That’s it for this week. I hope you remember to not eat too many sweets (but if you do, that’s your fault!) Get your costumes on and in the mean time, we’ll see you all next time. Let us know what you thought of these snippets in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter. In the interim, the picture above this paragraph is from me building my costume yesterday. Here’s the faceplate and bucket-base for my helmet!


2 responses

  1. The name Youtube have picked is hilariously bad given what it sounds like. I’m not convinced the service is worth it. Ten dollars to remove adverts that don’t bug me that much? Pass.


    October 27, 2015 at 12:02 pm

    • You would think they would, y’know, consider other… Red… Sites! Haha. I think the idea is good, but needs serious refinement.

      Liked by 1 person

      October 27, 2015 at 2:16 pm

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