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GeekOut: It’s Been More Than Two Years Already!

If you had met me last week two years ago, I would probably have not even spoken about GeekOut to anyone. I might have made a nod of “I guess I’m going to try this meetup malarkey”, but I never thought that two years on, GeekOut would be going as strong as it has been as of late. We owe all of the groups success down to each and every one of you, the people who come to the meetups and the people who take part in our web content. Read on to find out a bit more about how things are going in GeekOut and what we’ve got planned.


I’ve pre-written this article, on Friday in fact. That’s because this weekend we’re at Bristol Anime and Gaming Convention. Hopefully I will have posted pictures up on the Facebook group, but if not, then keep your eyes peeled for an article on the convention this Monday. I’m attending as a very fabulously magical wizard on Saturday, then on Sunday I’m bringing back an old favourite: Twoflower. Simple cosplay pieces for an easy weekend! I’m going to be working throughout the two days, so if you’re here, don’t hesitate to come say hi to me!

Last month was our best month to date in terms of engagement in all fronts – and I use the term engagement, as it sums up what we want to deliver. We want engaging, fun content that people actually enjoy coming back to. We deliver content every day of the week and we don’t want to fail you all on that front. Thanks to you, we keep doing what we do because we love to do it, so thanks guys! Don’t forget to check out the GeekOut YouTube channel now that we’re getting that off the ground. Next 2 episodes of GeekOut Plays Stonekeep will be live on Wednesday!

GeekOut Bristol - October 10th

GeekOut Bristol – October 10th

Our next GeekOut Bristol Meetup will take place on Saturday 10th October, so if you’re in or around Bristol, we’ll be starting from 2pm at The Phoenix pub, then moving over to the Old Market Tavern from 5pm. You can find out more from our meetup page here. The GeekOut South-West community now has over 600 members and rising.

As well as this, we’re going to try to keep bringing you all Podcasts and also move into new areas based on what we can do and what we want to do. If you ever feel something doesn’t work, please let us know, because you’re the reason we’re going to keep going and hopefully, keep building a bigger, better community. As always, comment below, or over on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what more we can do for you! We need to do another Facebook give away soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


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