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Video Game Review – Steredenn

Not long ago I spoke about wanting to play some harder games and record them. One such game has appeared for me in the form of Steredenn, a space shooter bullet-hell. I have been playing the Early Access version of the game, but I’m pleased to tell you that it’s out of Early Access. Released on October 1st, this game is hectic and chaotic, whilst being smart and modern. It’s a great game, but enough about that, why not check out our video at the bottom of the page?



As is typical of a bullet-hell, there’s really not much of a story. It’s just that some pirate fleets have come to infiltrate your base. They’ve caused some serious damage, shredding through all of their opposition (you and your allies), leaving you to defeat them through the wreckage of your allies and the space rock. It’s not exactly a hard game to understand, you’re flying a ship with the premise of just blowing enemies up, which is A-OKAY in my eyes!

I believe not all games need to have some of the most incredibly intricate of stories – But this tells a typical bullet-hell story: You’re a single unit against vast seas of enemies… You, and you alone, must take these pirates down. We really don’t need anything more than that for the story.


The game plays really well. It works well on both keyboard and on the game pad, of which I used both to test the game. The video below is me on my game pad – The latency of which feels pretty good (very minimal, which is hugely important to this kind of game.

An interesting aspect is the fact you get just two weapons of which you choose what you want to keep and change over. If you see an available weapon, you tap the pick-up key to pick a weapon up to replace the one you are currently using. You always start off with a basic blaster but you can go on to get rocket launchers, lasers and even auto-firing robots. The many different weapons work in particular scenarios better than others.

It felt as if the game has a very steep difficulty curve once you get past the first boss. Typical of bullet hells, this is a game where you will not kill every enemy, often leaving them out so you can go and beat up the big baddies. On the plus side though, the game seems to be really high on using score as an indicator of success. I, however, will try to get as far as beating the big baddie of the final stage… Eventually! I don’t think I’ll be getting there any time soon.



The music is a simple arrangement of heavy guitar work and drum patterns. It’s basically a metal-inspired soundtrack which really helps to pump the adrenaline into you. It’s simple, it’s fast paced and it does the job effectively. Couple the heavy metal with the space-like and ambience inspired sound effects of the game, we’re onto a modern space shooter that anyone can get behind. The volume can be adjusted, depending on your interests in metal!


I’d highly recommend Steredenn, if for nothing more than the fact it has a great soundtrack, it is visually pleasing on the eye and it’s hard as nails. I know this won’t be a game for everyone, due to the very nature of bullet-hells, but hey, I personally loved every second of it. With this in mind, I’d like to leave you on the thought that Steredenn is a fast-paced bullet-hell, which is beautifully presented and is a genuine challenge. Check it out below and don’t forget to comment, like and if you liked the video to subscribe to our YouTube channel too. Also, leave us a comment on Twitter and Facebook.


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