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GeekOut Plays: Stonekeep Episode 1 – Nooo Thera!!!

Welcome folks to the very first GeekOut Plays. Joel and I have eluded to this game in the past as a game we’re both highly fond of, at least from a nostalgic point of view. It was also a game we both unanimously agreed was pretty tough… Then again, we were both young when we first had a crack at it.

I’ll be bringing 2 videos out every week until I have completed the Let’s Play, or until I get so frustrated that I give up… But hopefully I’ll stick it out. I don’t know how long the game really is, nor do I know how hard it gets down the line, but if you’re thinking of playing this as well then watch my videos first as a way to get introduced to the title.

If the video above doesn’t entice you to watch through this play through, then perhaps nothing will… Unless I let you know a little bit more about the game? Yes, the acting is superbly cheesy, but this was one of the earliest examples of a proper dungeon crawler. Okay there were some in the 80s, such as Gauntlet, but this was the first of its kind to feature pre-rendered environments, digitized characters AND live-action cinematic sequences. This game was ahead of its time!

But that didn’t make it highly successful. It was met with moderate success but ultimately, it became a mostly forgotten about gem… Until now. I got the game for free from GOG, however it is now $5.99 which really isn’t a dreadful price to pay. It also comes with a digital form of the manual, which was a huge selling point for the game. I’ll be going over the manual in a future episode of the Let’s Play.

Let me know what you thought about my style of LP and if you enjoyed the episode. Also, let me know if there was anything you didn’t enjoy about it. So far, recording these videos have taught me a lot about editing and also vocal recording. Eventually, I’ll make sure to get a better microphone, however whenever I wasn’t talking, I used a silence effect to stop the buzzing noises.

Please, please, PLEASE remember to like, comment and subscribe on YouTube if you have an account there and hey – Tell your friends! Share it on Facebook/Twitter and perhaps one day I’ll find a way to wrangle that dastardly Joel into a GeekOut video. Next week, the next two videos will go live… But we’ll start to make those as a secondary post, so we keep our usual articles going as well as videos.


2 responses

  1. I didn’t realize you could punch the moss, let alone use the daggers as throwing weapons. No wonder I didn’t make it very far. I DID somehow manage to suss out the stone pouch (after throwing it at the ants a few times), but I can’t remember what I did, so good luck with that!

    Anyway, an entertaining introductory video, and I look forward to seeing how far you get! And cheers for the shoutout, even if all I really did was moan in the comments. :P


    September 30, 2015 at 2:48 pm

    • Thats a point, I had meant to put a link to your blog in the description. I will do this when I get home and dont worry: a moan is sometimes ALL it takes to spark something off :)

      I will be looking into that stone pouch as it may come in handy against the spider ants ;P Honestly, when are ants an enemy in a game?!

      Liked by 1 person

      September 30, 2015 at 4:12 pm

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