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WWE – Why I’ve Been Pulling For Seth Rollins

Professional Wrestling is an entertainment medium that splits the masses, for it is entertainment shrouded in mystery, intrigue and deception. It’s public knowledge how some matches are carried out, thanks to wrestlers talking about their sometimes harrowing experiences via biographies and other mediums. However, in this day and age, these men and women who put on phenomenal shows are slated for not being what some call true fighters. Perhaps they’re not a true sense of the word fighter, but honestly, I consider these individuals some of the toughest and bravest people on the planet, doing high-risk stuff just for peoples enjoyment.

So far, this year has been an incredible year for the WWE. They’ve introduced a lot of brand new talent to their already sizeable rosters. From the developmental circuit down in NXT, to the main stage on Monday Night RAW and Thursday Night Smackdown, the amount of potential the wrestlers have and display is superb. Now however, it’s time to look past all of this and talk about some of these talents. For this article however, I want to discuss one man… Seth Rollins.


At the time of writing this article, I’m sat here having just finished watching the Night of Champions Pay-Per-View on the WWE Network, as I was really excited to see it! By the time you read this article, the results will be done and we’ll see where the company are going with their stars. From the recent addition to indie sensation Kevin Steen (now known as Kevin Owens), to The Black Sheep, Braun Strowman, the WWE is filled with truly talented and gifted individuals. One man who has been at the forefront of the new wave of talent is the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. He retained his World Heavyweight Championship last night, but lost the United States Championship.

He’s been the archetypical heel (bad guy) for quite some time: Cowardly, conniving, cunning heel who wins by any means necessary. He’ll take a dirty win if it means he gets to retain his title, but during the SummerSlam Pay-Per-View, he beat John Cena to gain the United States championship. This is an interesting position Seth found himself in, as he took on not only Cena for the United States rematch, but also he has to fight the WCW legend, Sting. As many websites stress, this was a way to potentially make Seth turn face (good guy) and make him a future star, burning bright. Either that, or because of the way he’s been booked, he’ll be remembered as nothing more as the guy who sleazily got his way through every victory.

Whatever your view point on the state of wrestling, Seth Rollins or anything of this kind, there’s one thing that’s actually undeniable. The presence of WWE has gotten much larger and much more in your face than it was previous. In the early 00’s, we had what we call the Attitude Era, with figures like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Chris Jericho and more. These men and women of the squared circle were charismatic and all around incredible athletes, who endured unimaginable pain. They did so just because they enjoyed putting on a show by putting their bodies on the line.

Move on some years and we’re in the 2010’s. In 2015, there are more gamers and geeks than ever in the wrestling industry. Heck, the World Heavyweight Champion himself is a geek and quite a big one. In the video below, you can see the Champion sat with fellow wrestling star, Xavier Woods, enjoying a spot of Turtles in Time. But this wasn’t just a one off YouTube video. No, he’s been in Smosh videos (as shown above) and more.

Well known for going to Comic Con with other WWE Superstars, Seth Rollins is a man that geeks of the world can get behind. Couple this with the fact he’s a phenomenal athlete, he’s living proof that geeks can make it in the world, no matter what they choose to do with their life. As such, I am rooting for the biggest bad guy in the company, Seth Rollins. I can’t wait to see him become the biggest babyface and eventually, Seth ‘the man who runs the place‘ Rollins.

Have you seen Seth Rollins in action? Did you see Night of Champions and want to weigh in on your opinions for the nights results? Hopefully you enjoyed this tangent away from our typical articles, but if you have any comments, leave them below, or over on Facebook and Twitter!


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