Geek Proud, GeekOut.

GeekOut Bristol Meet 11/09 Gallery

On Friday night, we had Septembers GeekOut meetup and once more, it was staggeringly good fun! We had roughly 30 people appear throughout the night, some who came along via Twitter, most via Meetup and some who were signed up on our Facebook page. Wonderful to see so many familiar and new faces come to this event with many great comments abound, so many thanks to everyone who attended.

For everyone who has considered going to a geek meetup, I would heavily recommend it. It’s nice meeting people who are into the same things as you, no matter what you’re into. At the GeekOut meetups, we intend to make sure people can come and have a fun time in an undiscriminating environment. No matter who you are, the only thing you’ll be judged on is your interest in geek culture.

We started in The Phoenix pub, where we sat down for lunch. I was typically late, because I’m pretty good at doing that – but that was only for the pre-event (*OOPS*). If I were late to the real event, that’d have been bad! We got to the event nice and early. I would highly recommend The Phoenix pub and you know what? We might go there more often for a pre-event. Superb place. There’s free wifi (but you have to go in to find the password) and really well priced drinks. The selection is good too, so ale guys know you’ll be catered for there. The food is really good as well.

Then we walked for 6 minutes (I counted, I’m sad) to The Old Market Tavern… And that was just at a casual slow wandering pace. We had about 7 of us by the end of the pre-event and then when the night truly started, we quickly went up to 20 people. Throughout the night, more and more people joined in, taking our total to approximately 30 people (I counted 29, but I also heard a name I didn’t get introduced to from someone, so I assume 30 in total!) Incredible.

Also, big thanks to our member GhostBunny who used some apps (Meitu and Aillis) to make… Rather amusing pictures (see below).

I’d just like to give a shout out to Jason who runs a fantastic YouTube channel called VidyaSauce. Go check him out, highly informative and great fun! I hope to be able to work with Jason on various projects in the near future. Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Tom Kelly of Bristol Anime Screening Specials and the Werewolf meetups for coming along – If you’re an anime fan or a fan of/curious about Werewolf, please check out his meetup groups.

That’s it for this month, next months meetup information is now live on Meetup and Facebook. Go check it out! Were you at this event? Let us know in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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