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Anime Review – Watamote

Oh anime, you don’t really leave any stone unturned, do you? One moment you’re telling us of the epic tale of an Alchemist and his brother whose soul is bound in a suit of armour, the next you’re telling us of a guy who wants the worlds energies to be lent to him so he can unleash a devastating attack upon the world. But no, this anime is all about a girl who is in secondary school. Ah, it’s slice of life comedy time.




Socially awkward and all around creepy, Watamote tells the tale of Tomoko Kuroki, a young girl in high school. Whilst she’s really good at dating simulators, she’s not particularly good at chatting to boys (and indeed even girls) in her school. The realisation of her unsociability dawns on her quickly and Tomoko sets out to improve herself, through many different means. As you can imagine, hijinks and hilarity ensue.

Tomoko doesn’t have many people she can chat to. She gets along with her family and her very limited friend pool (note: 1). As such, she spends most of her time engrossed on the internet, studying ways to get better – Or she plays dating simulators, in the hopes that she can be better at chatting to people in the real world. Of course this rarely proves to be the case and she’s generally happy when she’s able to talk to anyone, including her brother.

Visuals and Opening Sequence

Fans of a bit of simple metal will enjoy the opening theme tune of Watamote.


This isn’t a normal comedy, where you just see silly things happen a lot. No, this is a sweet little series, which has 12 episodes on Crunchyroll which can be viewed for free in standard definition. I’d highly recommend this series if you’re happy with silly humour, which features a girl who is just all together a strange girl.

Alternatively, were you the socially awkward boy or girl in your school? Perhaps this series, as funny and as over-the-top as a slice of life comedy usually gets is, will be a harsh reminder that you too were, or still are like this. If this is the case – Let us know what you are/were like in the comments below, over on Facebook and Twitter.


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