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GeekOut South-West Meetup This Friday, 11/09

Hello internet, we’re back once again. It’s been nearly a month since we last spoke about our GeekOut meetups and as always, the Bristol geeks are going to get together in a pub to shout and scream their fandoms to the world. We’ll be back in the Old Market Tavern from 5pm until closing time. For those who have never seen our GeekOut Meetups, then buckle up as I talk us through the planned activities for this weeks’ Meetup.

Pre-Event Lunch

To make these meetups a bit more special, I’m going to try to have the meetup days off each time, so we can have pre-event activities. This time, we’re going to have a pre-event lunch from 1pm over at The Phoenix pub. It’s quite close to our residence at the Old Market Tavern, so we do not have to go far to get to our main event activities! The Phoenix offers a delicious selection of food and drink, so for those of you who are keen to meet up early, come join us from 1pm.

As well as lunch, I’ll bring some of the smaller games I have with me, so we can play a few light games before the activities really begin.

5pm: GeekOut Starts

If you’re around Bristol and want to join in with some of our activities, any time after 5pm, feel free to come and find us in the Old Market Tavern. I’m going to see if we can occupy the conservatory area which, if we get it, will be confirmed on the meetup page. We’re going to be running our usual games, but this time, we’re introducing not one, but two brand new games for all of your amusement.

Introducing: Munchkin Zombies & Bucket of Doom


Yes, we love to introduce new games and activities to our meetup. Last month, it was Exploding Kittens, coupled along with the NSFW edition. This month, we’ve gotten ourselves a set of Munchkin Zombies (Good grief, it’s taken nearly 2 years to get a Munchkin game) and Bucket of Doom, which was highly amusing at Winter LAGC this year.

So come and join us for the brand new games! We’re also hoping to do a recording of a session of Bucket of Doom, so that we can record it and put it up on our YouTube channel – So watch this space for information about that!

Book & Comic Swap Returns!

Book Swap

The Book and Comic Swap was a huge success last time, with people actually taking books homes with them, as well as comics being shared around the event. It was a lot of fun to be able to share some of our reading with one another, so we’re going to do this again this GeekOut session.

Cosplay, of course

Edward Timlah.jpg

I’m going to go along as the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric, as he hasn’t seen the light of day for some time. Come join in with the cosplay – or at least come and see us in costume for the activities!

£20 Challenge

Super Mario Bros

This months £20 challenge is to get the highest score on Super Mario Bros! A video game classic, the red plumber is out to go and get as far through the original Super Mario Bros and score a cash prize for the winner.

Well, that’s it for this months activities. As always, we’ll be taking pictures of the event and building a gallery. Swing by on Sunday for the gallery for this months activities! If you’re going to come to this event, let us know that you’ve seen this post in the comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter.


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