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Video Game Review – Sonic Dreams Collection

The Sonic Dreams Collection, a game that became an internet legend overnight, thanks to videos from major video game YouTubers, such as the Game Grumps, Markiplier and many more. Yes, it’s this months flavour of indie insanity. However, I’m tired of seeing these games come along without observing the same scrutiny as others. They come along and get articles on them, without telling people how it really plays, how it looks and so on. So this week, I’m going to break tradition with these funky games and give you a serious review on a very-not-serious game.

Sonic Dreams Collection Logo


There’s no story that ties together the four games, but the premise is that this collection was put together by a collective known as Arcane Kids. They found some old games that SEGA had allegedly made and found a way to put the games out there for the world to see. The games in the Sonic Dreams Collection never passed the quality control stage, hence they have never been seen before! They were abandoned projects and now the Arcane Kids are bringing them to all of us in a collection.

Of course, this is just a story and it’s not real, for the things inside of the Sonic Dream Collection are… Surreal, to say the least. Let’s go through each one of these little games and what they’re all about.

The first game in the list is Make My Sonic, which is an Original Character creator. This allows you to create a character in the style of Sonic the Hedgehog which will act as your in game avatar throughout the rest of the games. This is a highly amusing feature which allows you to play the game with your own custom character. The customisation options are humorous, focusing more about randomisation than it is allowing fine tuning. This includes even having to generate a random name for your Sonic.

Meet my very own Sonic Original Character!

Meet my very own Sonic Original Character!

Next we have Eggman Origin. I’ve not looked into this one too much, but in the files for Sonic Dreams Collection, there’s supposed to be a way to “unlock” the SEGANet adapter needed to continue with this game. If anyone’s played this, let us know in the comments below.

Then we have Sonic Movie Maker. Oh what can we say about Sonic Movie Maker? Well, if we pretend this was made back in 1998 like it says, then it’s one of the most sophisticated games not only of its time but it’s highly sophisticated even today. You have to go and find yourself a camcorder, record the actions of Sonic and co, whilst being allowed to fling them around the place as well as objects. You can only record 6 seconds worth of footage, but to be fairly honest, any longer and you might get too grossed out to continue any further.

Finally we have My Roommate Sonic. This one is pretty spectacular as it’s been “hacked to include Oculus Rift support”. The game is about living with Sonic and you have to express your true feelings. As you look around the room, you see he’s sat next to you on the sofa whilst you watch a pleasant show about a hedgehog. As in a real hedgehog. Eggman serves as the supporting character in this one, which makes for some interesting hijinks.

Sonic is way past cool!

Sonic is way past cool!


The My Roommate Sonic one doesn’t have much in the way of gameplay. You hover over a few things and just do as instructed. There’s some funny moments, but this one is more or less a visual novel. Highly interestingly, but it is literally “do this to continue”. Make My Sonic is limited – But it’s a lot of fun. I don’t know the extent of how many customisation options there are. Also Eggman Origin I won’t be commenting on simply because I’ve not played it.

So this leaves Sonic Movie Maker and hoo boy, this one excels. This is one of the funniest little things I think I’ve just about ever played, this includes games such as Goat Simulator and I Am Bread. Your character is literally a little blob, who is recording the antics of Sonic and co. One word of advice; do not play this game if you are squeamish or if you’re particularly grossed out by particular themes. There’s several quite disturbing ones in the game, all of which are there to be recorded.

Got my Camera

There are a plethora of easter eggs to be found, which makes for a highly enjoyable experience… But my word, it does leave you a little bit speechless!


It sounds kind of how you’d expect it to. With the music being quite simple and the voices also being pretty simple. Nothing too major, but I’ll tell you now – I can imagine a lot of effort has gone into every aspect of this game. Not much else is to be said on the sound front sadly.

One interesting side note is that when you click on each individual game, a goofy voice, in the style of Sonic from the cartoon series will say something. This includes things such as “make a cool Sonic character” or words to that effect when you click on the Make My Sonic mini game.


Of course, with the way we now review our games, we love to provide a gallery of screenshots so you can understand the aesthetics of a game better. Here’s my gallery from playing through some early parts of each of the games.


Sieze Life! Hold Up

If you don’t mind being grossed out, feeling weird for having laid eyes on such as monstrosity and so on, then do go ahead and play this game. It’s a bit of a laugh, it’s downright disgusting and you know what; I’d say it’s good fun. It’s nothing that’ll blow you out of the water, but it’s nice to see such a silly game take the centre stage of the internet – Even if it was just for a little while. Who knows, perhaps Arcane Kids will be back with a new Sonic game?

Have you had the fortune (or misfortune) to play the Sonic Dreams Collection? You can pick it up for free from this weird link. The password if you can’t suss it is “grandpa”. DISCLAIMER: The game is strictly not PG! Do not download it if you’re too young. You know who you are! Let us know how deeply disturbed you were by this game, or if you just found it highly hilarious like myself. As always, comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter.


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    Looks like a classic…

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    • Oh yes – an absolute classic in the making :P Hope you enjoyed this serious review ;)


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