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What’s New In GeekOut – August to September ’15

We have had another highly successful GeekOut Bristol Meet on Saturday night, you can read more about this here. Now we must start to look towards the next month here on GeekOut, discuss some of our future plans and actually get some comments from all of you. There’s a lot of projects that Joel and I are working on, to try and bring you bigger and better content. Honestly, this has become a second (voluntary) job for us both – and we love it.

Cardiff Anime and Gaming Convention – 22nd-23rd August

Party down

This coming week, on Saturday and Sunday, come find me working on the Press team over at Cardiff Anime Convention. You may catch me taking pictures of the event after he’s off shift, so if you see a skeleton running around taking pictures, then that’s likely me! Just poke me in the ribs and let me know “GeekOut sent us!” Though if I get poked too much, I may end up on the floor, a crying mess as I’ve taken too much rib poking… Poke responsibly people.

If you’re in Wales or you’re close by, such as the South-West of England, why not consider coming to the event? It’s only £14 for the full weekend, or £10 for Saturday and £9 for the Sunday!

GeekOut Newsletter – September 1st?

GeekOut Newsletter

I have been really hard at work on a brand new monthly newsletter, which’ll have some unique articles, some photos that aren’t on the website and much more. We hope to find people of interesting geeky trades to include on our Newsletter as advertisement, but not for a little while yet. We’re going to begin letting people register for the newsletter near the end of this month, where we’ll welcome any initial feedback with open arms.

We’re trialling the newsletter as of today with a few people we’ve asked. More information on this when we’ve got more information. Please note the above slogan is just a joke one in the interim, but I… Kinda like it.

GeekOut Bristol Meet – September 11th


You all know it makes sense, fellow Bristolians. It’s time to reveal next months GeekOut Bristol Meet, which will take place on Friday 11th September. Whilst we’ll have much of the same, here’s what the people who will attend next months meetup will have to look forward to:

  • Book/Comic Swap
  • £20 Challenge – Super Mario Bros. (Score competition)
  • Cosplayers
  • Food (at the Old Market Tavern)
  • Traditional Games

So come along for next months events if you find yourself around Bristol for a fun Friday night. From 6pm until closing time at the Old Market Tavern. Check our Meetup page for more information on the event, or you can check our Facebook page, where the event is published to as well.

BristolCon – 26th September

BristolCon 2015

Of course, at the end of September, I’m also going to be taking my fellow Bristol geeks back to BristolCon for the third year in a row. I’m hoping to see some great panels and to pick up some good books and comics in the process. Perhaps some merch?

As always, we’ll then take off at the end to go and play some traditional games in a local pub… And perhaps I’ll get dressed up once more. Because there’s nothing quite like getting dressed up, when you’re surrounded by a bunch of bewildered authors wondering “why is this strange man dressed like that?” Who knows, perhaps a costume can be a work of inspiration to an author one day… I mean one day.

And much more!

So thanks for sticking with us through all this time, we love delivering insights to these sorts of events. Hopefully our articles will sway you all to join us to some of these events at some point in the near future. Also, whilst we’re on the subject of events, at the end of August, we’ll be looking into registering for AmeCon for next year, which’ll take place in the Warwick Arts Centre. This has some extreme significance to me, as this is where Ayacon, the first convention I attended was set… and the seeds of GeekOut were sewn in my mind from then.

There are so many projects we’re working through, so thanks for being here for us guys. We seriously love chatting to every one of you. So, do us a favour and chat to us in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter! Speak soon!


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