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Return from Convention Land.

Amongst the people I met at Kita I found one particularly interesting young woman in Steampunk gear. We talked, I passed her my email address in the hopes of finding someone interesting to keep in touch with.
I do so enjoy being right. Kelly’s feelings post Kitacon, enjoy:


After coming back from convention land I began to reassess my life.

Post-con blues hit me like the stack of manga I’d hauled from Birmingham, causing back injury and a moments regret at the amount of money I’d spent.

That regret didn’t last, the back ache did though, ouchies.

Having had the immense amount of fun I always do at convention land, the real world seemed like a petty annoyance to me.

Returning to a plate load of dishes and the load of washing my fiancé had left behind before going to work that morning was as grounding as realizing that you have no shelf space for your new figurines….which was also the case.

After post con blues had finished with me, I realized that con life is not the be all and end all.

It’s exhausting for one thing. In between taking pictures of your favourite characters, buying all…

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