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Googles Alphabet

Those of you who were paying attention to social media on Monday may have heard that Google have a new parent company. That’s not a joke, that’s the gods honest truth, there is now a new parent company for the already massive mega corporation that is Google. The new parent company is a seemingly brand new company that goes under the name of Alphabet, but what does this mean exactly? There was a lot of confusion on Monday, but if you’ve been reading then it actually makes some sense.

First of all, is this a big company that legitimately bought out Google? No. Google is now just a division, a branch if you will, of Alphabet. It’s a bit confusing when your business starts off as the de facto search engine, then moves into doing other things, such as e-mails and making mobile phone operating systems. To make matters more confusing is when that business of yours all shares the name of the website you built your company around.

Alphabet Logo

There needed to be a parent company, something that didn’t say Google, but rather something that suggested Google involvement. Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be moving themselves into the new parent company, Alphabet, whilst they leave Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google. At first glance, it seems like a questionable move to separate Google from themselves, but I think this’ll be a good change for the company.

It’s a fresh start for Google and indeed for Alphabet. I wish the best of lick to Larry and Sergey and I wonder, what do all of you make of the restructuring? Does this change make sense to you? As always, feel free to share your thoughts on this subject.


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