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The Next GeekOut Meetup – 15/08/15

We’re quickly coming around to our next GeekOut meetup which we’re planning on making bigger and better than ever before. There’s a lot of people signed up to this one (30 at time of writing), which means we should see a good number of people at this event. I’ve decided to start upping my game on what we do at these events too. So what do we have planned for this month?

Traditional Games, Exploding Kittens

2015-08-03 17.58.22

Traditional games, be they board game or card game, have always been a staple of our GeekOut events. We’ve got our usual selection of games, from Cards Against Humanity and Zombie Fluxx, to Dixit, Cash n Guns and Chess. With our usual selection out of the way with, a Kickstarter campaign I jumped into straight away, Exploding Kittens, has arrived. I’ve had a game of it already and personally I loved it. I really did learn it within 2 minutes and yes, a game can indeed be played within 15 minutes.

I’ve got two versions of Exploding Kittens to share with our Bristol GeekOut members – The normal edition and the NSFW edition. We’ll hopefully get some feedback from people about Exploding Kittens when we’re at the event and I’ll write up a review for this fun, easy to learn little game.


2015-07-16 10.31.33

Some of you may have been curious why there was a strange absence of Timlah related cosplay pictures during Kitacon? That’s because nothing went to plan, which is the usual for me. Because of this, I’ve given myself a challenge. I’ve got a week. Let’s get one of the two missing costumes sorted out.

But according to this coming meetups comments, I’m not the only one going in costume. I always enjoy going to events in costume, so I hope to join them in a ridiculous outfit, but for once, it’s going to be fairly sensible from me. Shocking, isn’t it?

Book and Comic Swap

One of my offerings for people to read

One of my offerings for people to read

This is a first for GeekOut South-West and I’m really looking forward to getting this one off the ground. I’ve made a simple system for a book/comic swap.

Basically, people declare the books/comics they’ve brought along to the event. They can decide to allow people to take the books/comics home with them, should someone want to, or they can decide they don’t mind sharing it for the event, but want it back by the end of the night. Our system has two sheets: one “swap sheet” and one “keep sheet”. The keep sheet books will have numbers (Thank you raffle ticket books!) and people have to return the book to the table once finished. People have to sign that they’re reading through these ones at the event.

£20 challenge – Pac-Man


I’m taking my 3DS, a prized possession to be sure, to allow people to take part in a non-democratic challenge. Normally, we allow everyone to be involved in a voting process, but it always feels somewhat off. This time, there’s a definite measure of success: the score.

Whoever achieves the highest score will win the coveted £20.


Yes, we’re going to do a tabletop RPG session at 9pm. There’s one guy who wants to run an RPG at our events but he hasn’t signed up yet. As such, I’ll be making a loose, freeform RPG session for the not-so-serious RPG. It should be relatively quick and it should be a lot of zany fun. We’ll see how people react to this RPG!


I’m getting a PVC sign professionally printed. It doesn’t cost much to get one of these made up, but it should make our event that much more visible to anyone who is passing by our tables at the venue. I’ll be chatting to the venue to see if they mind us having our sign up on the tables, but they should be fine with it hopefully. We’re not asking them to put it anywhere that we’re not, so we shouldn’t be hindering or shocking anyone with a big “GeekOut meetup” sign!

Still, the various cosplayers, board games, 3DS games and books should shock people!


We’re really looking forward to this weeks GeekOut meetup. I’ll make sure to get some proper pictures of this event. We’re set to have about 32 people show up for this event, but this number can and likely will change closer to the event. Here’s hoping that not many drop out if any! I’d like to see many new faces this month.

What do you think I should do differently? Let me know in the comments below, over on Facebook and on Twitter. Do you like some of the new events this month?


2 responses

  1. A Pac Man contest, book swapping and detonating felines – sounds like a fun event.


    August 11, 2015 at 8:19 am

    • Seems like it’s going to be pretty fun. I thought to myself “Eh, we need to stop just going through the motions. What new things can we add in?”

      I was suggested “Goats”. Close enough!

      Liked by 1 person

      August 12, 2015 at 10:13 am

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