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Live from Kitacon – Timlah, Day 2

Most of the photography of day 2 went to the Cosplay Masquerade/Cosplay Competition… And you’ll notice there was a distinct lack of article from myself about day 2. Don’t panic! We have actually uploaded all of the photos over on Facebook as there were so many of them (!!!!142!!!!) and I really didn’t want to ruin the quality of the photos.

Check out the Kitacon 2015 Cosplay Masquerade.

Day 3 is upon us and we’re almost finished there too. Don’t forget to check Facebook tomorrow as well so that you can see all of the photos from the final night, but right now, we’ve got images of the amazing dealers room, where I’ll also be talking about some of the dealers.

Check out the Dealers Hall

Check out some random Kitacon pictures

Finally, later tomorrow, don’t forget to check back once more (I’m so sorry for making you click back and forth infinitely, but we’ve been busy guys here at Kitacon). When you check tomorrow night, do expect a post, summarising my experiences of Kitacon 2015, what our future convention plans are and some important information about Kitacon and AmeCon 2016.

Thanks all, you truly are the reason we keep working on this site. I hope you enjoy the galleries!


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