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Live From Kitacon – Joel, Day 1

The convention is just getting warmed up, and I’m on my way to the Karaoke so this shall be brief.

It is so good to be back in with the convention crowds, to be surrounded by like minded people, and I have no shame in admitting it’s even more awesome to have a press pass. Tim will be uploading the pictures we got from front of house during the opening ceremony in the place that was prepared for us. We felt like nerdy kings… In the company of somewhat larger press outlets.

As the name Back to the Kitacon suggests, the 80s are strong in the themes here, from the battery of film references in the opening video to the Crystal Maze style site-map (complete with animations).

Regulars on the convention circuit will be pleased to hear:

  • The Opening Ceremony started about 20 minutes late because…
  • There are already technical difficulties, from Chairman Phil (DJ Lastknight) messing about with the lights during the introductions and rules, to excessively loud speaker buzzing that sounded like Mothra trying to get some air-time.

So Kita is going smoothly.

Facilities for the con-goers at Birmingham Hilton have improved from last year. This year we have street food, a special menu being laid on by staff including nachos, burgers, hot dogs and Thai noodles. There’s also milkshakes of pretty much anything and cocktails (including some non-alcoholic, for those like myself).

Sure it’s junk but at least it’s being laid on special!

First panel attended, an almost complete list of anime pigs during which there were a great many pigs. Oh yes, just so very many pigs.

Tim has pictures, expect his first update this evening!

Talk to you tomorrow, gonna go sing until my face hurts!


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