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Review – You and Me 2

The slice of life genre is such a large part of anime, that it’s sometimes pretty tricky to see the good through the bad. Thankfully, Crunchyroll has delivered another anime series which I deem to be a worthy watch. If you’re a veteran of the slice of life genre, or if you’re new to it, You and Me 2 is a wonderful series which is easy enough for anyone to get into. So just what is You and Me 2 all about and why is it worth your time?


This is really more of a collection of stories than a progressive storyline. You and Me 2 features 5 teenage boys who are all pretty poor in their love lives. One is relatively perverted, one is a big softy, two are twins who have the looks but seriously lack the personality (more on that shortly)… And the other one is teased by the other boys as they believe that his mother loves him. No, no, not normal motherly love: as in loves him. It’s a little surreal, but it’s funny to watch it unfold.

The twins I alluded to having a lack of personality. Whilst this is true, it’s not a knock on them as characters. They are made to show a lack of empathy, so whenever one of them shows emotion of any kind, I couldn’t help but sit back in my chair in shock. They’re a funny pair too, one of them is hard working whereas the other shows no commitment to work what so ever. In one episode, the slacker wants to get himself a new game, so he finally buckles up and gets himself a job. Which, when you have a group of 5 friends, can only go well, right?


The series has a definite feel good feeling to it. With its happy theme tune and its highly simplistic story lines, you go into each episode feeling relaxed. It doesn’t throw any major curve balls at you, nor does it try to shake up the feelings of its audience. It’s just an all around sweet anime that follows the lives of these 5 boys. From hanging around in one another’s homes, to going on dates and experiencing first kisses, these 5 are all together clueless about the world and they’re taking their time to learn more about their world and how they, “as adults” should act.

As with any slice of life anime that I watch, the comedy elements in You and Me 2 are superb. In fact, if there were no comedy in this show, it’d probably be too dull for my liking, albeit it’s all together sweet and happy. The characters are outlandish enough but still make it believable! It’s a fun anime to watch, if only for the comedy – But it’s not overdone. It gives us real life situations and unlike other shows, such as Nichijou which will go completely overboard, You and Me 2 will give you the story how it is. From messing up an order at a cafe, to one of them finding out about their younger brothers girlfriend and how they’ve already kissed, this features 5 young friends who spend a lot of time together.

You and Me 2 Mix JuiceIf you are a fan of Slice of Life comedy anime, then this should be on your list of “to watch”. It’s all together a sweet and happy anime, with some proper feel good elements in it. If you like anime that just makes you feel good, then I implore you to watch this one. The characters are all likeable, of which I couldn’t pin point a “star of the show” per se. All I know is, I want to hear more singing from Kaname.

Yup, I want to hear more, buddy!

Yup, I want to hear more, buddy!

All in all, go ahead and give this one a watch. It’s not one you must see in your life, but if you’re looking for a simple pick me up, this series could be just that. The Japanese name for this show is Kimi to Boku 2. I wonder if I can find the original Kimi to Boku series on Crunchyroll. It seems to not matter if you watch the second series first – It’s all well enough explained and you get a feel for who’s who in this anime very quickly. Have you seen this show? Do you like the sounds of it? As always, put your comments below, over on Facebook or Twitter.


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