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Bristol Video Game Social – Sunday 5th

This past Sunday, I finally was able to attend one of the brilliant Bristol Video Game Social events. I went dressed up as everyones* favourite mad skeleton, Oskar. Armed with a scythe and a mini pauldron, I let loose the hounds of war upon video game land and had a blast.

The social event brings all video gamers together in the popular Kongs of King Street, a pub which is like a great combination of arcades, beer, pizza and table tennis. Couple this with the BVGS members bringing along their consoles and you had an instant success for Bristol. It’s no wonder this is quickly turning into one of the biggest meetups in the south-west.

This event was also the birth of Bristol Pride Gaymers, a social group for the LGBT+ community who are heavy gamers. Knowing of a good number of LGBT+ video gamers, many whom often try to beat me at my favourite games (Sorry guys and girls, it’s rare), I can see this new group will become a lovely thriving community to booster the LGBT and video gaming scene.

Pictures taken by Frank Street, whose portfolio can be seen here.

If you were there at this event, make yourself known in the comments below. Alternatively, say hi to us over on Facebook and Twitter. I hope to make it to another BVGS event soon. Now we must look onwards as this Friday, we will be hosting our next GeekOut Bristol Meet! Then on Saturday, we’ll have a bunch of board games to play during Bristol Pride day. If you’re around for either of these events, come say hi and play some fun board games with a bunch of social geeks.

*By everyones, we mean just Timlah’s favourite.


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