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The Rise of Oskar: Cosplay Updates

Kitacon is getting so much closer and because of that, I thought to myself that I need to buckle down with my costumes. This is the month to finish up all of the costumes I have planned for the event… And so what better one to finish off first than Oskar?

But Timlah, you’ve already made Oskar. Wrong! I’ve only half made Oskar. I’ve been making my scythe over the past few days, so I thought I’d start to document how everything is going. I wrote about making a cosplay scythe recently, but not actually how mine was going. So this post is a quick look through that, along with what I’m going to be up to every single day.

I got Ghostbusted

After this disaster, Oskar needs to be taken more seriously!

There are 32 days left until we go back to the Hilton in Birmingham Metropole, so every day I get a chance to, I must further my costumes and also masks I am working on for sale. So the first one to work on even more is Oskar. But how are things going with the “most evil” skeletal criminal in existence?

So there is a proper sense of character being built up from the new and improved Oskar, I wanted to give him a weapon. I chose a scythe, as skeletons in robes are generally considered to be a reaper of some sort. Oskar, being a mischievous fellow, likes to play mind games and to make people believe he’s greater than what he is. As such, he tries to play along the lines of fear. That would be fine, if he weren’t such a klutz.

So, I started off with some initial concepts for the new design of Oskars weapon. I needed to create something that was larger than me, thus giving the impression that Oskar was wielding a great weapon. He needed to be able to give off an aura of intimidation, even when he’s not that intimidating himself. So, I decided to make a scythe blade which was a little bit jagged and very sharp looking.

I made the head of the scythe out of an A1 foam board. All I had to do was decide the size of the head and decide the design. I transferred the design onto the foam board via a sharpie. Honestly, I see why so many people rant and rave about these pens: They’re darned good. Anyway, once it was drawn on, I just had to cut it out. A decent Stanley blade did the job.

scythe head

Next up, I took the PVC Pipes I bought and taped them together with duct tape. It stands at about 1.6 meters in height. Duct tape kept it together quite nicely, so the next step was to cover the PVC pipe in expanding foam. As you can imagine, this took a lot of expanding foam. In fact, it took a whole 500ml can of expanding foam! I guess I should have expected that. I covered both sides then I went ahead and started to carve away at all of the excess. This took a long time. I also carved an area for my hand to go. Once this was done, I sanded down the expanding foam with a medium density sheet of sanding paper (grade 80).

Now that I had a rod with expanding foam, I left the very bottom bit available for easy handling. I covered it with silver tape, but I’ll be adding more detail to that bottom part at a later point. Next up, I grabbed a lot of masking tape and started to tape up the scythe head, as well as the rod. That’s where I left it for this evening.


I’m going to keep working on this piece and the other pieces of Oskars upcoming costume improvements. On Sunday, I’ll show off a picture of me in full Oskar garb in time for a cool event by the Bristol Video Game Social. In celebration of Bristol Pride which is on Saturday 11th, Kong’s of King Street are playing host to BVGS and Bristol Gaymers. As a supporter of events like these, also since I heard in a tweet they were looking for cosplayers, I thought I’d make an impression to the group. If you like the idea of supporting groups like these, also go and check out the facebook group of Bristol GaYmer Pride. You only get one shot at making a lasting first impression after all, right Oskar? “Right!”

What do you think of the planned additions of the scythe, the pauldron and more belts along with a buckler? Do you think I should be doing more, or should this mark the completion of Oskar? I think it’ll be complete, but of course the proof for me will be in the finished product. As always, let me know what you think down below and let’s discuss! I’m going to give an extra post every day I do something more on this costume throughout this week. Stay tuned!


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