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Assassination Classroom – End of Season 1

I’ve been watching Assassination Classroom season 1 for the past… well 22 weeks now. I’ve been amazed at the quality of the first season of it and thought I’d just spend today reminiscing over the series so far by talking about some of the stand-out characters and some basic plot premise. Don’t worry, I will not be revealing any spoilers, just simply talking about the show and the characters within it.


Assassination Classroom takes place with a classroom of lower-than-average students, the E Class, also known as the End Class. They are the end of the line, so they’re sent to a secluded area of the school, on top of a large hill, through a woodland area and far out of reach. Communication with the normal school is quite tricky for them, as they have to take a long, gruelling trek to go back to the main school, which they only go to during assemblies and exam times. Other children of the school are encouraged to ridicule the E Class and to constantly be reminded that they are the lowest you can get to.

The E Class are taught by their teacher, who goes by the name Korosensei. He is an octopus-like destroyer who is able to regenerate and can move at Mach 3, has come to Earth with the intention of blowing it up. However, he also loves to teach people lessons… So he asked if he could teach the E Class, until they graduate. In return, they can have attempts to assassinate him which the military are using as leverage to offer a cash reward for the kid who kills Korosensei. What makes life trickier is that Korosensei, as well as being a destroyer who moves at Mach 3 and regenerates, is also the best teacher they ever had!


KorosenseiKorosensei Face

It makes sense to start with the character that’s started this all off. He teaches the E Class and has seriously helped them all out. He gives individualised lessons for the children who need it, as well as being able to memorise just about whatever he sees. Highly intelligent, highly powerful and overall a highly great character. Not only is he the antagonist, but truly he’s a protagonist too. The kids want to kill him for the 10 million yen reward… But they also like him being around as he’s kind and seriously wants them all to develop.

So far the children have learned, thanks to the astute Nagisa, about the different faces that Korosensei pulls. These faces represent his emotions and feelings at the time. Although nothing beats that face.

Nagisa Shiota


Quiet and easy to forget, that’s how Nagisa views himself. He says so from episode 1, but he comes into his own very quickly. The series follows Nagisa as the protagonist, as well as the narrator for the series. He’s androgynous which gets other kids to respond in kind, some even poking fun of his looks and questioning his gender. He’s timid and petite and carries himself as a calm and collected kind of individual.

Nagisa gets involved with the majority of the story, so be prepared to see this face popping up a lot… Just probably not quite as much as Korosensei himself.

Karma Akabane


Oh Karma. He’s the bad boy in the classroom… And he’s brilliant for it. He’s the one who undergoes some of the most serious character development, in the shortest amount of time. With his red hair and his sharp eyes, Karma is the fire-y assassin who looks to inflict pain and punishment upon whoever gets in his way… Especially Korosensei! He really wants to improve himself deep down, but on the exterior, he comes across as the cool and collected bad guy of the group.

Karma really comes into his own whenever his classmates are in trouble, however. He’s dependable and will jump right on in to help his fellow classmates out, even though he was sent to the E Class for being a violent individual. He seems to have a bit of a soft spot for his friend Nagisa in particular.

Tadaomi Karasuma


This is an agent who was brought into the classroom to help the students grow further as assassins, as well as a man who grows to be a bit of a fatherly figure for the group. He’s a bit cold in that he doesn’t really show much emotion, but he really cares for the kids. He tries to keep himself to himself, but often finds himself in the middle of the children’s escapades. Able to smile occasionally (and only occasionally), he’s the cool teacher you always wish you had… And sometimes, Korosensei gets jealous over this fact!


Now that we know the first season is over, when can we expect this amazing anime to return? I’ve been reading around fan forums and it seems that people are certain it’s going to return… In January. No joke! That’s a long wait, but I will patiently wait for it. It’s one of those anime that you can’t help but watch more of. I’ve been showing it to a few people who have since moved to become fans of it. Mark my words: This will be one of the anime to watch out for in 2016.

Hopefully this quick look at 4 of the characters and the plot of the anime gives you an idea of what to expect. I hope it leaves you hungry to find out more, so please do go out and get the manga, or go and buy the anime when it comes out. What do you think of Assassination Classroom? Are you keen to watch some more yourself? As always, comments below or over on Facebook and Twitter.


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