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WiFi Wars at Cube Cinema

The Cube Cinema is a microplex cinema, arts venue, adult creche and social wellbeing enterprise based here in merry old Bristol. That’s a lot of words to take in, but what you need to know from this is that the Cube Cinema shows off a lot of awesome indie films that may not get exposure otherwise. They’re made up of a great bunch of volunteers and they do more than just screening films. As mentioned in the first sentence, they are an arts venue as well and what better for arts than to showcase a video game based competition?


For just £20, a team of four gamers can enter in a competition for the Competition Cube, a coveted prize! If you want to go along and simply spectate, it costs just £8 to go and watch, which means you do still get to take part in the after-competition show: WiFi Wars.

WiFi Wars is an interactive performance by a video game comedy group called Go 8-Bit. The interesting piece about Go 8-Bit’s WiFi Wars is that it’s highly experimental and it’s not even certain if it’s going to work properly: But hey, that’s going to make it a lot more exciting. This is happening after the gaming competition in the evenings party. So if you’re in Bristol on June 27th, then to find The Cube Microplex, follow this map:

We love to see local events popping up around Bristol, so whenever we find out about them, we’ll be sure to mention them on here. You can book your ticket here. It seems like a lot of fun, with a plethora of video games to be played and a great comedy group to support in the process. I enjoy the fact the Cube Microplex appears to mostly be made up of volunteers, which is brilliant. I’m looking forward to seeing more from the Cube Microplex.

Would you go to an event like this? Have you ever seen an interactive video game comedy act before? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or over on Facebook and Twitter as always!


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