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It’s very difficult these days to hold onto money for any great length of time, not just because of the economic downturn that’s still sweeping the world, but because ours is the most heavily marketed to demographic right now. Nerds are the pop-culture, sure, but we also average amongst the most intelligent members of society and have some of the best paying jobs. Oh yes, corporations know where the money is, and they know where they want it to be.

On the bright side, awesome stuff!

Now anyone can produce cool t-shirts, patches, whatever else, but to get something truly nerdy you’d have to set your sights a little higher. The internet is a flood of amazing things with insane price tags, but it’s so cool!



With a vast amount of media geared towards geeks and geek culture, there’s a lot of material to be built upon and things that a fan would want. We’ll can’t attend a convention, enter a comic-book shop or visit a friend without spotting something awesome like a Portal Gun, Frostmourne or awesome miniature or figurine.


Whether we do it with dice and paper, running around in fields and forests, or beating on eachother with fake lightsabers, we all like to roleplay in our own ways. We like to imagine that we are the heroes and villains we have come to admire in our favourite stories.

They cost. They cost a hell of a lot, you’re ultimately paying for a privilege, but sometimes it’s worth it to have something cool. For Cosplayers there are the added benefits of having props you’ve not had to build yourself, or if you do make your own you can be proud of that fact, and may even find a potential money-earning skill in doing so. Bringing me to my next point…

Custom Gear

I have but a single goal in mind, my finish line as it were. Whatever avenues I take in its’ pursuit, whatever methods I use to obtain it I will know that I have accomplished enough when I can afford a Geek Chic Sultan gaming table.

Geek Chic 3Only about £9.5k and an 18 month waiting time, and all for a table that – by the time I own it – will probably be used to its’ full potential perhaps once every 3 months if I’m lucky. Is it worth it? Yes! It’s not only a thing of beauty, but it’s something that will last far in excess of my lifetime, a future-antique if you will. As Geek Chic custom-make each piece for the client, it’ll also be far more personal to me.

Custom stuff for nerds is hugely on the rise, as 3D printing is becoming increasingly available it’s much easier and cheaper to create something original out of high-quality materials. Take Hero Forge as a prime example, but other examples are rising fast. Whatever your geek passions you can always find someone doing something original with it.


I’m a PC puritan when it comes to games. Recently I’ve been taking a casual browse through components to overhaul my computer because frankly it needs it and has done for about two or three years, and good gods I could spend some money. I’m thinking SSD for my operating system, may need a new case to house the graphics card I’ve been eyeing up, which means I’d have space for…

Anyway! Most major technological advances are made by geeks for geeks. Oh sure, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo may war over who’s console is the best, but no one’s going to be paying attention while the concept of virtual reality is on the table. Drones are becoming ever more popular for the purposes of commercialisation. Telepathic communications and interfaces aren’t far behind.

Our lives are being made ever more simple and interesting by technology, and while some fields lag behind, seemingly forgotten because they’ve ceased to be interesting, those areas that are still advancing may yet sculpt the way we live our lives in the near future.



3 responses

  1. Frostmourne is a “cool” looking sword.


    June 2, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    • You’re dead right!

      Liked by 1 person

      June 2, 2015 at 2:29 pm

      • I just have to say it, sorry, FROSTMOURNE HUNGERS!!!!

        There, out of my system before it consumed my soul :)

        I have friends who’ve spent thousands of dollars on Blizzard memorabilia.


        June 2, 2015 at 8:07 pm

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