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Next GeekOut Meetup & Site Updates

Upcoming meetups

GeekOut South-West meetups are going strong still. We’ve got over 400 members signed up to our Meetup page, did you know? Our next meetup is happening on Saturday 13th June, where we’re going to start off at Sticks & Broth from 3pm before heading over to Old Market Tavern no later than 5pm. If you want to come along, make yourself known to all of the other GeekOut Geeks.

We have our Meetup page for anyone who wants to easily find out about the next lot of meetups, along with all future plans. Think of it as our own GeekOut events calendar. Also, check out our Facebook page, where we keep events up to date. I also occasionally announce meets and opportunities to meet up and discuss over Twitter as well.

Group shot

At this upcoming event, we will have plenty of board games, the list having expanded from the days of the earlier meetups.

  • Zombie Fluxx
  • Dixit Odyssey
  • Jungle Speed
  • Cash n Guns
  • Chess
  • Werewolf
  • Munchkin (usually floating around)

… And many more games that people bring with them. I like to bring my Magic: the Gathering decks as do a few others. There’s going to be cosplay at this event, so please do come in costume if you’re a cosplayer. There’s also going to be comics and books, as well as a competition to win the last remaining spare book I will have of Goblins Know Best.

None of this happens at our meetups

None of this happens at our meetups

We’ve also got a date for our July meetup. That’ll be held on Friday 10th July, still at Old Market Tavern. Come join us then if you cannot make this one, as we love to meet anyone who wants to get more involved with geek culture in some way. From just meeting people, to playing games and cosplaying we do everything.

If there’s a game you would like us to play at one of these events, let me know in an e-mail. Better yet, if you have an old copy of a game you wouldn’t mind sparing for us, we’d love to take it to our events! Just drop us an e-mail and we can discuss. Long shot, but you never know!

Got an event happening and you’d like to see the GeekOut geeks come and join in? Drop us a message either below or in an e-mail for the attention of Timlah and we’ll discuss it further. We always provide press for events that we attend as a geek group to. If you’d like to see us at your event, please get in touch!

... And as ever turns into a mess.

Site updates

One thing that we’re keen on delivering as a website that wants to evolve and wants to provide more for its readers, we’re looking to soon enough be moving away from and move into a platform.

I have a few questions and I’d really appreciate feedback. What do you want to see out a community website? What can we do better here on GeekOut South-West? Are the articles we provide in some way interesting to you all, or are they just a mere curiosity? We’d really value your feedback on this matter, so please do leave us a message. We’re keen to know what we can do more to bring a sense of community together, above that of just providing articles.

We’re slowly beginning to add videos into our repertoire, which’ll become common place once I finish upgrading this rig. As well as that, we’ll keep attending events, promoting them and giving you pictures of events and more.

This was only a short post to address the June and July meetups, but if you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see on this site, now is your chance to let us know what you think we should be doing. As always, comment below, on Facebook or Twitter.


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