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GeekOut Bristol Meet 08/05/2015

Well, we’re slowly but surely making our way through the year. With Kitacon not too far off, a convention I’m really looking forward to, now seemed like the opportune time to find out more events and conventions that are going on throughout the year. But before we deal with all of that, I took to the Old Market Tavern, donned my Oskar outfit and started proceedings in the most proudly geek event of Bristol.

We had some of our usual members there, as well as a lot of new people. The change of venue seems to work for just about everybody. There is music in this venue, unlike the last… Although the music was soft and was non-intrusive throughout the night.

2015-05-08 17.11.21

The Old Market Tavern also gives out free loyalty cards, such as my one above. It’s an awesome bonus, as these can go towards getting discounts on food and even drink at certain points. The owners didn’t seem to mind us taking up shop in their venue either, so it looks like we’ve found a venue to stay at!

The Old Market Tavern, unlike the King William Ale House, doesn’t shut until midnight. Extra time to GeekOut for us and as the owner of the pub saw it: More time for them to get money! Well of course, that’s what pubs are there for. So then, what was in my usual bag of tricks this time around?

2015-05-08 20.02.34

We’ve now got the addition of 100 dice. It’s a small thing to add, but it makes a huge difference. Dice are the lifeblood of so many games, but other than that: They make for really good counters in card games. Hopefully people can start to run their own little RPG games within the event. Speaking of which: Someone in the group asked for more information on RPG groups in Bristol. I’d best hop to it!

We then had our £20 competition, where people who attend the GeekOut events have the opportunity to win £20 for fulfilling a geeky “show and tell” of sorts. This time, we went for geeky music and we had all sorts… But rather than just saying about them, how about I provide YouTube links for as many as I can remember?

It’s your turn. What do you think out of the above is the geekiest music? The winning music of the £20 challenge was Tom Lehrer – The Elements (which is pretty damn geeky when you think about it!) But what about you? What do you think is the geekiest? Let us know in the poll above!

2015-05-08 20.01.08

We also had some of our usual games: Dixit, Zombie Fluxx, Cash n Guns, etc. But this time around, not only did we have out lots of dice but we had access to Munchkin, Love Letter and more. I’ve also heard that people would like a chess board to be available, so it’s time to look for a nice (and hopefully geeky) chess board! Speaking of which, last time I played against Joel…

Were you there? Make yourself known in the comments below. If there are suggestions for future events, please do not hesitate to let me know at


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