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The next GeekOut Meetup – And some chat about the website…

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today, I get the opportunity to chat to you all about the next GeekOut meetup!

Our meetups have been happening consistently, (I.E every month without fail,) since October 2013. Those who were here for this websites humble beginnings will remember that I said my first meetup consisted of just me and a friend, sat in a pub and chatting about all there was to chat about in geek culture. Once we joined up with Meetup, everything changed. We were recruiting people left right and centre. It seems there is a need for geek meetups in Bristol and guess what? There’s over 300 people on Meetup alone, who are willing to join in with the GeekOut meetups. Wow! Thanks to each and every one of you, I think we’re outgrowing our current venue (slowly).

With this in mind, as proposed on our meetup page, our next event is going to have three separate sections to it. At 3:30PM, we’re going to head to Obento for a lovely Japanese meal. Come along, eat sushi, bento boxes and more for a reasonable price! This venue was chosen as people have wanted to go there for a while, plus it’s nice to eat out with friends. Then at 5pm, we will amble on over the road to the King William Ale House where we’ll geek loudly and proudly together until 9pm.


At 9pm, we’re going to move on to a new venue for the first time. It’s a bit of a walk, over to an area called Old Market, but we’re going to visit a lovely and large pub called the Old Market Tavern. Hopefully we’ll be able to grab a few tables and get a few games set up. It’s a relatively quiet pub normally, but it has a good arrangement of seats, including a brilliant garden. There is sometimes music playing softly or something on the TV, however we’ve come here before after a night at the King William Ale House closed for the night and we got a further hour and a half to two hours here, so I think getting there for about 9:30pm (It won’t shouldn’t anywhere near that long to walk over there), will be a good thing!

So with this in mind, I’m really excited to announce our next GeekOut session is happening on Saturday 4th of April. If you’re in Bristol or you can make it to Bristol and you want the opportunity to come and GeekOut with us, please do! We’d love to have you there. I’m also looking into the possibility of a much bigger venue for some day in the summer. More on that at a later date. We also want to host a cosplay craft day at some point soon. Me especially, as I’d like an excuse to sit down, forget the world and just make things in good company.

Our newest game coming to GeekOut South-West meetups! Picture Credit: Board Game Quest

Our newest game coming to GeekOut South-West meetups! Picture Credit: Board Game Quest

Here on the website, we’ve been working hard to bring you daily content, which we hope you’ve been enjoying! We want to bring you more content soon, as Joel and myself have been hard at work to make sure we don’t miss a single day in 2015. “Crikey,” I hear you say, “That’s a lot of work, a post every day of 2015?!” That’s our goal and our promise to you is to make sure we keep this website not just updated, but full of relevant, fun content.

However, we want to turn geek culture and GeekOut into a big collaboration. We want a community united, not just the bloggers but also the casual readers – We want you all to be involved. We’ve worked on making our Facebook page more established, as we’ve finally gotten past the 100 likes mark on there this month. We’ve also been hard at work on Twitter, with 724 followers as of the time of writing.This is a lot of accounts, a lot of clicks and the website hasn’t had a single bad month. We’ve gone from strength to strength and honestly, we can do nothing but thank each and every one of you. So again, from the bottom of my heart: Thank you.

Yeah, we've even got new logos now. One with black and one with white writing outside the "Big Red Button" as people call it!

Yeah, we’ve even got new logos now. One with black and one with white writing outside the “Big Red Button” as people call it!

Over to you and I throw two sets of questions at you:

  1. Our new second venue that we’re going to trial out – Is it the right move to have a place that is open until later? In future, do you think I should be opting to stay there the whole night with the group? Is it strange that I’m pulling the group away from our old trusty King William Ale House?
  2. With the website, what do you want to see more of? Do you like our features at upcoming video games? Would you like to see other features? Do you want to see more galleries? Or perhaps you want to see more of a sense of community like me?

Let me know what you want to see… But next month, we’re going to begin working on getting YouTube videos up and going on a semi-regular basis. I’m not going to promise much for our first few, so please do give us your honest feedback when you finally start getting to see them. We’ve been hard at work, but it doesn’t mean we should be complacent. As always, messages below are appreciated, as they are over on Facebook and Twitter.


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