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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and DieselStörmers

The Giana Sisters games are pretty well known, but I am not afraid to admit: I didn’t know much (or even anything) about the game series!

So when I was sat in the bar, with a pint as per usual, developers Black Forest Games needed a space for their laptop to show people their game. I was about to just them have my space but in response, they let me not only see their game and chat to them, but let me have a go on their race mode and boy oh boy, was it tough!? It was so tough, even the developers themselves struggled to beat their own programming, so talk about tough!

Black Forest Games Logo

But it was great fun, the three of us has a great laugh about it, we had a good chat about the studio and I’d highly recommend checking out these awesome games as soon as you get a chance to!

Developing for PC, consoles, tablets and in browser games, the Germany-based team behind Black Forest Games aren’t your traditional indie start up! They started in 2012 and comprise of over 40 highly talented international individuals. I was able to check out the awesome Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Rise of the Owlverlord for myself and honestly, it’s worth the time. They’ve been working hard on a platforming racer of sorts, which is quite unique. There are lots of power-ups and some really tough AI, as well as the camera catching up to you. Whoever falls off the camera loses and whoever is last standing wins!


The work this team put in is truly staggering, from the wonderful animation and well thought out character design, to the gameplay and music. This is a highly polished game, even during these early stages and I’m glad to have had a chance to have tried out Giana Sisters. By changing Gianas personality, you now change her abilities, which are needed to survive Gianas dreams! Race through beautifully designed maps and when you’re brave enough, move onto the Hardcore and Über Hardcore modes… Good luck!

Dieselstormers logo

Next up then is DieselStörmers, so what is this new game all about?


Build your own guns and gear for adrenaline pumping action game, in the procedurally generated levels of DieselStörmers. With RPG elements and a weapon combination system, this serves as a fun game for up to four player co-op action!

The game was successful over on Kickstarter last year, asking for $50,000. They received more than what they were asking for and got working on the seriously pretty looking DieselStörmers. Honestly, the quality of these games are phenomenal so if you get a chance to, do go and check them out. With both single and co-op gameplay, huge boss enemies (as seen below), co-op attacks, randomly generated levels and much more, this game looks to be a lot of fun! Stay tuned, we’ll try and get a demonstration of this awesome game for you all!


So if we’ve whet your appetite enough, go over to Twitter or Facebook, drop the team an e-mail and check out their website. Go and connect yourself to Black Forest Games – These guys are working on some truly brilliant games and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have been! As always, comments below or over on the GeekOut South-West Facebook / Twitter pages and we’ll be back before you know it!


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  1. I must have missed Dieselstormers. I don’t remember it being on show! :)


    March 18, 2015 at 10:03 pm

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