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Shoutouts: Poncho and Barbara-Ian

The wonderful thing about EGX Rezzed is sometimes you bump into developers or walk into a game that you didn’t really go to experience. Perhaps it was a lack of knowing it was there (like it was in both of my cases), or a really good chat with a developer. I wanted to give two shout-outs to two games that got me excited by how great my experience with it or with the devs were.



As I wandered around Rezzed, I had the pleasure of bumping into some truly fantastic developers. Whilst dressed up as PaRappa the Rapper on day one, I walked on around the show floor and was asked by a dev “Are you PaRappa the Rapper?” “You’ve gotta believe!” It seems I had bumped into a wonderful game about a robot called Poncho who has to go between three layers of his world to solve problems, get over dangerous terrain and collect all of the treasures on the map. I was lucky enough to get to sit down and play the game, which was so smooth and was such a wonderfully explorative game to play!

You are able to deal with just about any situation by going through the Z-Axis, rather than the usual X and Y axis’ in this game. You are put in a randomly generated world, smack bang in the middle. The game doesn’t tell you how to have fun, it just lets you explore. Wonderfully imaginative, you can find out more from their official website and let me guarantee you here: This gets the Timlah seal of approval!

(There is no official seal. of approval I’m sorry.)

Poncho Screenshot

A very cute game, with some wonderful ideas of exploring the Z-Axis, with the goal for Poncho to go and meet his creators. Humankind is just about extinct and it’s up to Poncho to uncover as much as he can in this highly imaginative world.

The developers are always willing to chat too, so please do go and speak to them. Reach out to them via the games official website or via their e-mail address. Also, go check them out on Twitter.


I bumped into Barbara-Ian by simply wandering around… and it was almost impossible to miss this developer wandering the halls of EGX Rezzed. With one of the stand-out costumes of the event, Barbara-Ian is currently looking for people to beta-test it… So what are you waiting for? Go get involved!

Barbara-Ian is a bit of a strange game in that you play as the great big character titular character and you are able to swing around this massive hammer. Honestly, many of us got bopped by that massive hammer whilst at EGX Rezzed, myself included!

Check out the game - Lest you want to be bopped!

Check out the game – Lest you want to be bopped!

Barbara-Ian is also unique in that you have only 1hp against a legion of enemies that also only have 1hp! With Barbara-Ians massive hammer and massive build, along with the absolutely insane gameplay, honestly this is a unique game to have a go through, so I’d recommend you pick up that beta, you check their Steam Greenlight page and you let the developers know how you feel…

… Oh and hey, they’re also quite active over on Twitter!

Genuinely, I implore you all to go check out these two games when you get the chance to! As always, put your comments below, or over on Facebook or Twitter.


2 responses

  1. Barbara-Ian rocked, man! Seriously! :)

    Also, unrelated but don’t forget the dude in the orange suit! :)


    March 17, 2015 at 12:55 pm

    • Mr. Orange was cool. Even if he was just Mr. Orange!


      March 17, 2015 at 12:57 pm

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