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Hello from Rezzed (Day 1)

Good afternoon everyone!

There was so much to do and see, with merch madness and indie games galore, it was hard to find the time to just sit down and take everything in. But I was able to sit down by about 2pm, collect my thoughts on all that I had seen and done, then set about writing my post for the first of three days in Rezzed.

Thursday, I was fortunate enough to be considered press for Eurogamer’s Rezzed! This was the first time I was able to be press for an event, so I donned a ridiculous outfit, made my way to EGX and got going!


The Thursday entrance was really well organised with separate queues and staff for each part of the Rezzed sign-in. The first part was the security check, followed by tickets and finally over to the main queue where people waited before the entrance. Silly costume and all, people recognised the outfit and played around in the queue.

Another good part about the sign in process was their use of modern technologies, as well as supporting traditionally printed passes. For example, I used the Rezzed Eventbright tickets, which made checking in and verification a cinch! Along with this, there was the EGX app, which meant we always knew what was going on. Admittedly, I didn’t use it nearly enough on this first day, but rest assured, there are a lot of really interesting talks which I want to get for Friday!


The event was really well sign posted throughout and the one word that kept springing to mind is “Professional”. Everything about the EGX staff, from their behaviour policies to the handling of the running of the overall event. I have been blown away by how well handled everything has been, but what else can we expect from Eurogamer but high quality events?

On the first day of Rezzed, we didn’t have many cosplayers, so thankfully I stuck out like a sore thumb. I spoke to the wonderful French indie devs, Wild Factor, who were working on an amazing looking game that is truly reminiscent of the good old days of British gaming. I can only be on about Bullfrog, a company synonymous with games such as Theme Hospital, Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper. Check out my full review of this awesome game later today.


Considering this was a quiet day, I can only imagine what the next two days will have lined up for me. Stay tuned GeekOut readers as you will get more posts from me!

Have you been to Rezzed? Were you here and want to just give a shout out? Make yourself known and let’s GeekOut together!


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