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This is a subject which has gotten me going quite a few times. A lot of people seem to dispute me, but I’ve seen in several sources that I’m correct with this one… so I’m opening this up as a discussion for all fans of Dragon Ball.

With the release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse (which I fully intend to get), I figured it’d be fun to debate the lesser cared about people of the Dragon Ball universe: The humans.

Credit: Giantbomb

Credit: Giantbomb

Humans in Dragon Ball are an odd lot. To be fair, they’re basically cannon fodder, unless you go all the way back to the beginning of Dragon Ball, where humans actually had much of a point. However, I am in the belief that out of all of the humans out there, the strongest human out there is actually the lovable odd ball – Krillin.

Some people have pointed out that Tien Shinhan could potentially have been the strongest human on the planet. This could be true, but as far as writer Akira Toriyama is concerned, Krillin is the strongest human on the planet. I thought to myself: Well that makes things pretty definitive, doesn’t it? But apparently, it doesn’t.


True if we took Dragon Ball (the original arc) into consideration, Krillin was the strongest human on the planet. True as well that if we took Dragon Ball Z into consideration, Krillin would still be the strongest human on the planet. It is argued that there is a stronger human still during this saga – and no, it’s not Uub. Uub had to train for a long time after the Z arc ended, which means that during Dragon Ball GT – Uub was the strongest human on earth. Plus at this point, Krillin had more or less retired, gained a full head of hair, had children… I find something very suspicious about all of that situation, but hey ho.

My verdict:

Dragon Ball – Krillin.
Dragon Ball Z – Krillin (strongest living human on Earth).
Dragon Ball GT – Uub.

Who do you think is the strongest human in the Dragon Ball universe (Even if Akira says otherwise)? Are you going to get Dragon Ball Xenoverse – if so, what platform and what race are you going to pick to play as? As ever, comments below or on Facebook or Twitter. Remember, it’s always over 9,000 here. Gosh darn that was pure cheese…


3 responses

  1. Simon

    Is Tien even Human? Dude has three eyes. Uub is probably human in body, even if he is the reincarnation of some super powerful space bubblegum in spirit. I’d say Krillin probably wins if only by virtue of being 100% human.

    Or Hercule. He won the Cell Games, you know!


    March 11, 2015 at 12:00 pm

    • Tien is from the Three-Eyed Clan (I kid you not!) which are humans. Chiaotzu is also human. The Dragon Ball universe is a vague on what is and is not a human, but ‘Earthling’ is commonly used.

      Uub is human, in that Goku wished for him to be reincarnated into a human (him being Buu)

      Krillin wins because he is beautifully bald ;)

      Oh snap, Hercule took this argument to a whole new level!


      March 11, 2015 at 12:16 pm

  2. Simon Related. Xenoverse is officially best JoJo simulator 2015.


    March 11, 2015 at 11:08 pm

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